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I don't know whether anyone has already posted this before so I'll be brief.

I came across some pics pre-blue book of a "man's shoe heel" shaped UFO taken in 1947 by William A. Rhodes See the pics at the site http://www.chez.com/lesovnis/htm/bluepics47.htm#pics

Then by chance I was looking at a popular mechanics net page on "Man MAde Flying Saucers" which contained the following on the first page

"In the summer of 1945, an unusual rumor had begun to circulate within the intelligence division of the European Command. During interrogations, captured German aircraft engineers referred to an extraordinarily fast rocket plane under development at a secret base in Bavaria. Unlike theMesserschmitt Me 163 rocket planes that had begun to attack Allied bombers in the last months of the war, this aircraft had an odd-looking curved wing that blended into its fuselage." There are also artists impressions of a later version proposed for the US military.

See the story and pics here http://popularmechanics.com/science/milita...cer/index.phtml

Does anyone else notice the similarity in design of the craft? I'd be interested to hear others views on this. Especially when you read of the interest the FBI and the "Intelligence" man had in William Rhodes and how they never gave his pics back. Was Rhodes the first to have a visit from .... the first "Men In Black" ohmy.gif

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