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Iran 'seizes' 15 British Marines

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Aaand your point is?

The Point I am making is that governments do not act in the best interest of there people! They tend to do things that benefit themselves and when you suggested by ideology I think the Weston governments mainly use the economy, I believe they do this to secure control and power in whatever endeavours that government have, I find it hard to understand the motives for some of the actions Iranian government demonstrates as being other than hostile, the rules and laws in Iran seem more severe and old fashioned compared to what we experience in the west and the peoples civil liberties seem restricted and completely based around religion and social status.

Yes there have been countries that have had more conflict than Iran over the past 100 years but we are talking about Iran.

You asked me for examples of conflict over the past 100 years in Iran and that’s what I did in my previous post.

However I presume you wanted me to make this comparison because I said that "Iran forgot what peace was like and just wants war", I said this to try and explain there aggressive behaviour when they captured the 15 British Sailors! After briefly reading through Iran’s history of conflict the really big points of contention happen in more recent times and since the Iran/Iraq war a more inflexible and rigid regime has ruled in all aspects of the Iranian peoples lives, I also think it's worth mentioning that Iran has also points in it's distant history that shows both the shia and sunny strived for control and the countries people suffered in a similar way to what they are today.

You are completely right it is all about ideology of some fatasses in power.

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Not sure if a NEW thread has been made on this.. NOW they are back.. and NOW things are coming out about what REALLY happened

Last Updated: Friday, 6 April 2007, 15:08 GMT 16:08 UK

UK captives tell of ill treatment

Royal Navy personnel seized by Iran were blindfolded, bound and held in isolation during their 13 days in captivity, the crew have said.

They were lined up while weapons were cocked, making them "fear the worst", two of the 15 crew revealed.

The crew were told if they did not admit they were in Iranian waters when captured that they faced seven years in prison, a press conference heard.

They said opposing their captors was "not an option."

READ full story HERE on BBC

Or read SKY NEWS bit:

'Blindfolded And Bound'

Updated: 16:40, Friday April 06, 2007

The British sailors and marines taken captive by Iran have said they were blindfolded, bound and subjected to "constant psychological pressure".

The 15 Navy personnel were told they faced seven years in prison if they did not admit straying into Iranian waters.

They were also lined up against a wall blindfolded while weapons were cocked making them "fear the worst".

In a statement, the freed captives said they would never forget their 14-day ordeal.

Six of the group have been speaking about their capture in the northern Gulf and subsequent detention.

Full article found here on SKY NEWS

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'Blindfolded And Bound' :o

Oh my God!

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