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snoop dog not allowed to enter england


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the US used to hassle john lennon and paul mccartney...this stuffs been going on for years....

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We in the U.S. ought not let him back in either! Like we really need another punk-thug-wannabe running around glamourizing criminal beghavior.

"Smoke pot and be cool like me!"

"Drop out of school and never learn to speak the language so you'll never get a real job so you can be cool like me!"

"Learn to rhyme in profanity so you can write nasty poems calling women foul names and be cool like me!"

"Father as many kids as you can and never pay child support so you can go to jail and be cool lie me!"

Nah, if the U.K. is dumb enough to let him in, the U.S. should be dumb enough to let ya'll have him.

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Why am i not suprised? That guy always gets in trouble... :hmm:

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