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British Soldiers Cashing in on Story


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What is a real inspirational story is that of the American hostages held in 79.

As my screen name indicates, I can speak with Complete Moral Authority

on this issue.

On the day of the takeover, the Marines were outnumbered at least 1000

to 1. We held the consulate and the communications vault for over 12

hours, helping to destroy equipment and classified material. We were

under STRICT orders not to fire our weapons or pop gas grenades (too

late for that last one..hee, hee, hee). We were eventually told that we

were on our own and to make a break for it. The monkeys even put one of

the diplomats in front of the comm vault peep eye with a pistol to their

head and threatened to kill them unless the door was opened. It wasn't

and they didn't. Once all the material was destroyed the doors were

opened and they all got the crap beat out of them.

When we were first taken, the Iranians took us into a room individually

and asked us to sign a statement denouncing the US policy in Iran,

Israel, the Shah, etc. The Marines signed with names such as Michael

Mouse, Chesty Puller, Dan Daly (google the last two...Marine Corps

legends), Harry Butz, etc.

During the ordeal they would try to tape us for propaganda purposes.

Personally, I would keep looking down to the ground or hide behind

others so that my face wouldn't show (in fact, after a couple of months

of not seeing me in any of the videos my records I was classified as

MIA). Another Marine and I shared the same cell and when they came in

with cameras we'd strip down. I heard a rumor that one of the other

Marines smeared ketchup on his face and started howling.

The day before they released us, we were taken to a room with a camera

and Mary the Terrorist who was going to interview us. We were threatened

that if we didn't say the right things we wouldn't be released. Some

Marines gave only name rank and SSN, others sang (Marine Corps Hymn or

God Bless America), others just said nothing.

On the day they let us go, I was being herded towards the airplane by a

couple of those monkeys. I pulled my arm out of their grasp and let them

know that "We're number one"...but used the wrong finger.

For our troubles we were isolated, thumped, went through two mock

executions, starved, threatened, and had to put up with useful idiots

from Amnesty International showing up just to let the world know how

humane we were being treated.

We resisted at each opportunity, except for Army Sgt Joe Subic who

collaborated from day 1 and was later snubbed by the rest of us (and was

the only one not to receive a citation). We refused to cooperate, stole

keys, plugged toilets, p***ed in their rations, blew circuit breakers,

laughed in their face when they threatened us and cursed them when they

beat us. Steve Kirtley even told one of them to pull his finger! The

monkey did and Steve was beaten for the inevitable result.

We did this because we were first and foremost, MARINES! Our honor and

loyalty to the United States gave us the courage. We would rather die

(and that was a definite possibility) than to shame ourselves, our

Corps, or our Country. We had to live up to our history and got to

measure ourselves and our actions against those of greater men.

Yes, we broke now and then. But would immediately pick ourselves back up

and go back to fighting. Which, by the way, confused the hell out of the


Pity the poor Brits. All they had was the history of the E.U. and the

U.N. as examples.

Semper Fi


Former Hostage adds some background:

Originally this was nothing more than a blog comment, but then FrankJ

stroked my...ego...and asked if he could post it. Well, we all crave

attention (right Rupta?) and other than that embarrassing profile at

classmates.com I'd never been "published" before so I said OK. There's a

couple of things I wish I had put in or made clearer. (FYI WAL, I use

"monkeys" because the other terms we used wouldn't make it through the

naughty word filter...and monkeys are creepy)

First off, thanks for the comments and don't feed the troll.

Second, none of us thought that we had done anything special. That's the

one thing non-military types have some trouble understanding.

Personally, I was (am?) very uncomfortable with the "hero" tag that the

press put on us. We did what we had to do, what we were trained to do.

It was just something that Marines do.

Third, when the fecal matter hits the oscillating cooling device, you

fall back to training.

The Marines have the longest boot camp of US forces, 13 weeks for

enlisted. Officers have OCS, which in the Corps is the equivalent of

boot camp, and lasts from 12 to 13 weeks depending on what program you

commissioned on (glutton for punishment that I am, I earned a commission

so endured both Boot Camp and, 10 years later, OCS and I can say from

experience that even without the extra 10 years OCS was harder). After

that, officers get to spend another 14 weeks at The Basic School (TBS)

in Quantico where they get a taste of combined combat arms and do

everything from assaulting a beach in AAAVs (sucked) to blowing up stuff

with C4 (didn't suck). The Marines also still do not have co-ed training

until advanced schools. It's not that women are better or worse, just

different in size and strength. HOWEVER, their training matches a male's

step for ever lovin' godmyfeetarekillingmewhenisthisgonnaend step.

There's no way to completely match the stress of combat...but the DIs

come realllllly close. In the late 70's there was a great hue and cry

from some people *cough*democrats*cough* about the barbarity of Marine

boot camp. But it is this stress that prepared us for the confinement.

If I could put up with 13 weeks of Drill Instructor SSgt Laird in my

face, then nothing short of bullets flying would rattle me.

The training is also not all physical. In fact, you'd be surprised at

how much time is spent in the classroom learning everything from basic

hygiene and first aid, to squad tactics, to the nomenclature of T/O

weapons (I can still field strip an M16 and damned if I can't put most

in the 10 ring with a 9mm), to History and Traditions.

Finally, History and Traditions. This is one advantage every Marine has.

As an average American (pre-pc) we were raised on black and white war

movies ("Sarge! You! Scared?" "Sure kid, a man'd have to be crazy not to

be scared") and legends: Crossing the Delaware, Gettysburg, the Alamo,

the Battle of the Bulge. On top of this Marines have our own history:

the Halls of Montezuma, shores of Tripoli, Bella Woods, Tarawa, Iwo

Jima, Khe Sahn (and more recently Fahluja).

We didn't feel that we did anything special...because we hadn't. We had

acted like we were trained to act, as we were expected to act, as those

who went before us had acted.

The Marines always celebrate the Marine Corps birthday (November 10th)

no matter where they are. One of the traditions is the cutting of the

cake with a sword. The first piece is presented to the oldest Marine

present (active or retired) who then presents it to the youngest Marine

present to symbolize the passing of knowledge and traditions from one

generation to the next. I always thought this was way cool. It bonds us

in ways that are hard to explain. A few weeks ago our financial advisor

asked us out to dinner, something she does with all new clients. My wife

and I said yes but were a little uncomfortable because we really didn't

know her personally and would be meeting her husband for the first time.

Turns out he was a former jarhead and by the end of the night we were

all jokin' and smokin' as if we'd grown up together.

It's just something Marines do.

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I would like to see source of that, as Iranians are called monkeys, which is pretty much a racistic term, true that marines were p***ed off, but dunno If its right to post it this way, uncensored.

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Cant find it.

But anyway its wrong to call colored people apes/monkeys/chimps etc.

er calling them colored people is seen a racist as it implies there's only one true colour 'white' and the rest are coloured.

Ya daft monkey. ^_^

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I think its a crying shame the way our women have been forced to modernise, the fact that the whole feminist movement is a male conspiricy....in my day women during the war effort, women offered a supportive role...

like this....


Now ofcourse we have women in the army, facing combat.....while still trying to maintain their fenimimity, which is a difficult balance....but alas...i guess this is the new face of the Modern English Armed forces....


and i for one am saddened.....

Edited by lord scrummage
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I think its a crying shame the way our women have been forced to modernise, the fact that the whole feminist movement is a male conspiricy....in my day women during the war effort, women offered a supportive role...

like this....


Now ofcourse we have women in the army, facing combat.....while still trying to maintain their fenimimity, which is a difficult balance....but alas...i guess this is the new face of the Modern English Armed forces....


and i for one am saddened.....


We all know distraction is a good strategy... what could be more distracting? :P

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:lol: lord scrummage.

That's a hot pic.. I mean, just check out the way she's holding that cheese grater.


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See, that is one thing you have to understand about right wingers. They long for the "good old days"

They want to turn back the clock............ All the way back to the days of a fuedal society. Back when there were lords and peasants and the Church was the State and heretics were burned.

Like I said, if Woman are dangerous and ineffective to put in Combat, I am sure there are ways this could be proven, tests that could be administered.

And like I said before, I guarantee there are plenty of dudes that would tuck tail and run before plenty of chicks.

That's a HUGE generalization. In fact, I don't know any conservatives who feel that way. Heretics burned? Boy you sure don't know conservatism.

Tests are administered during basic training. I am sure many soldiers would agree that the standards have been lowered because of woman.

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The standards have most been lowered and financial incentives for joining increased (or did I just read that somewhere?) because less and less of either sex want to enlist. Perhaps the 'average' man can lift more than the 'average' woman, but that certainly doesn't mean that women cannot acquit themselves in any modern profession. Nor does it mean that women don't do a lot of heavy lifting.

Have standards been lowered in the sciences so that women can join in? No.

Is combat the last vestige of the highly vulnerable male id? Oh yeah!

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I don't care what happened to them. They are not of the ilk of former british servicemen , such as those captured and tortured during ww2 by the germans and japanese. Those soldiers died or were captured fighting to defend their country and sufferered far far more than these 'sailors'. But these sailors weren't defending their country. They are there as america's poodle, fighting for imperialism and greed. I care not one iota for them and their stories of being blindfolded and made to wear iranian suits. They looked happy enough playing their table tennis in captivity. These people are an embarrassment , when people think of british military history , no longer the few that fought the german luftwaffe or the archers of agincourt , no longer the naval victories of nelson. They will see this whining bunch instead. And selling their woeful story too ..

If anything, they should be paid to slip quietly out of the public gaze , paid to not tell their story , paid to leave the navy and never be seen again.

Edited by Nietze
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