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Oregon gay protections closer to law

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Oregon gay protections closer to law

In fall 2004, voters passed Measure 36, amending the Constitution to declare marriage valid only between a man and a woman. Oregon's Supreme Court later ruled that the Multnomah marriages were illegal and null. A proposed civil union law died in the 2005 Legislature.

On Wednesday, the Senate debated the 21-page anti-discrimination bill for 70 minutes. Opponents argued against it on grounds that it provides an insufficient religious exemption, gives protected minority status to gays and uses language that could force schools to teach about discrimination against gays.

The bill allows religious groups to discriminate against hiring or housing gays or permitting them to use their facilities. Still, senators opposing the bill objected to a provision that says religious groups can discriminate only for activities connected to the "primary purpose of the church or institution" and not for commercial activities, such as running an apartment house or restaurant. The courts would be deciding a church's primary purpose, they said.

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Edit to add Link Oregon Legislature: House Bill 2007


Current W/ Amendments

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