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who compiled the new testament?

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Morning SSL. You are absolutely correct! :yes: My bad. For some reason, I always want to add Nicea as the starting point for the NT canon. Why? Who the hell knows! Yes, one of the main objectives of Nicea was to obtain some semblance of orthodoxy:

In the Council of Nicaea, the Church had taken her first great step to define doctrine more precisely in response to a challenge from a heretical theology.

But it ended there. And as for Constantine ordering fifty copies of this new canon--Sacred Scriptures ... This was done three years before the Council of Nicea. D'OH!

... The exact meaning of the concluding words has been taken in a half dozen different senses. Two of the most popular are, that the pages had 'three or four columns of script', or that as the copies were completed, they were sent off for the emperor's inspection 'three or four at a time'. The astonishing thing is that Eusebius, who took care to tell us at some length about the fluctuations of opinion in regard to certain books, has not one word to say regarding the choice he made on this important occasion. Of course, 50 magnificent copies, all uniform, could not but exercise a great influence on great influence on future copies, at least within the bounds of the patriarchate of Constantinople, and would help forward the process of arriving at a commonly accepted New Testament in the East.



That said, the rest of my post above is correct--amazingly! :D As mentioned above, it wasn't until 382 CE that the twenty-seven books we know today were listed and widely accepted. And around 400 CE before all North African Churches officially accepted them as is.

Again, my thanks SSL for pointing out my MAJOR blunder.

Most kindly,


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The Bible was wrote by men for men and the chruch decided what book's where allowed in and what book's got banned.......

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Not only do we not know who wrote them, consider that none of the Gospels got written during the alleged life of Jesus, nor do the unknown authors make the claim to have met an earthly Jesus. Add to this that none of the original gospel manuscripts exist; we only have copies of copies

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