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Tony Blair Blames Spate of Murders


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I think 'Black on black crime' is misnomer designed to distract people. As if a criminal who is black decides to act as a law abiding citizen only to white people? If you cross them or if they want something they’ll take you out regardless of colour

Gosh Billyhill, I'm suprised at that post. The black criminals do NOT act as law-abiding citizens to white people... it's just that law-abiding white poeple do not go into the black ghetto's and present themselves as targets. (in the previuos context, the black-owned ghetto in Nottingham is epitomsied by "St. Annes", but by no means limited to it. )

I can't comment on the academic studies on ethnic issues, or the socialogical ones , all I know is that if I go into St. Annes in the evenings, I WILL be harrased and robbed by a black male youth. If I resist, I will be beaten or killed.

The other thing I'm confident of is that my assault - or death - will NOT be recorded as a racial hate crime. But if a white person nudges a *snip* Again, let's refrain from employing ethnic slurs in your posts, they are not tolerated. ... then...GOSH... all hell breaks lose. The police react IMMIDIATELY..

Is it suprising that the BNP are making eletoral gains ?

Truly, it is ALL to much for the Working Cat to understand.

Meow Purr.

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