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CIRVIS report methods

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After searching around about the CIRVIS reports I have come accross something that states the responsibilities of pilots and reporting extraterrestrial craft .

Regulation code of CIRVIS ( link)

I am not sure if this is legit or a joke , if someone knows tell me . It seems pretty legitimate to me . I recently read an article about a pilot who saw something fling next to his craft , and it had a strobe all around it . The sight was 400 ft at least . The pilot was not alone on the flight .

And here is some more info

( link ) Government ufo interest

Its things like this that lead us to to call into question what the government knows about UFO's and what they tell us . The CIRVIS reports show that the goverment must at least have an interest in the matter . But why is it such important scale sightings are kept from the public on a mass scale ? Is it possible the government is hiding the fact aliens exist from us and some info is happening to leak out ? I personally believe they are . Not just the U.S. government , I would assume the whole U.N. is involved in some way .

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This was about alien.gifalien.gif coverups if your wondering .

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