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Holocaust Survivors Forced Back to Germany

Spurious George

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Shoah survivors forced back to Germany due to Israel's lack of restitution laws

Holocaust survivors have left Israel to live out the rest of their days in Germany due to the better conditions they receive there, according to a documentary program broadcast Tuesday night by Israel's Channel 2 television.

The documentary, Musar Shilumin (The Morals of Restitution) opened with an elderly woman speaking from her comfortable home in Berlin to two of Israel's best known docu-activists – Orly Vilnai Federbush and Guy Meroz. The woman's fluent Hebrew was spoken with an unmistakable German accent.

This Holocaust survivor had left Israel to return to Germany to receive the free medication and monthly allowance provided to survivors by the German government.

Contrary to Israel, the German government has stipulated that Holocaust survivors in need of housing and medicine are entitled to receive them free of charge. When asked what she thought of the Israeli government's attitude towards Holocaust survivors, she said: "I would not want what I think to appear in print."


The documentary pointed an accusing finger at the Israeli cabinet and at the Claims Conference, the organization responsible for recovering and distributing Jewish assets plundered by the Nazis. The Conference is supposed to transfer restitution funds to Holocaust survivors but for years has been withholding a sum of $300 million to $900 million, depending on who is asked, due to various bureaucratic reasons.

As a consequence of this, despite being one of the wealthiest foundations in the world, many survivors in poor health and living in impoverished conditions will not live to receive their restitution entitlements.

continues - http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-3388445,00.html

Remember while we ignore?

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So they weren't actually "forced" they went by choice. This isn't a surprise, in another channel 2 documentary a high percentage (cant remember exact figures but over 60%) of secular israelis polled said they would move to the west if given a chance and who could blame them ? The social programs and health care in western europe must be very attractive to most of the worlds elderly, Isreal is too american in its welfare/health systems and it was only a matter of time before people got to retirement age and moved to a country with better deals for the aged if they are eligible.

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Couldn't anyone just claim to be a holocaust survivor and get free stuff from Germany now?? Germany is pretty messed up.

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