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CDN Tories Regret Participation in Parade

Spurious George

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Tories regret participation in parade honouring alleged terrorist


B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell is shown at a controversial Sikh parade earlier this month that has enraged the Indian government and Air India families.

The federal Conservatives have expressed their regret for participating in a Sikh parade that celebrated an Indo-Canadian viewed by many in Canada as a terrorist and murderer.

But other political parties continue to remain silent on their participation in the event they say was a celebration of Sikh culture.

The parade April 7 in Surrey, B.C., has enraged the Indian government and Air India families because organizers included Talwinder Parmar in their display of Sikh martyrs and saints.

Parmar, who was killed 15 years ago by the Indian police, led the 1985 Air India bomb plot which killed 331 civilians, mostly Canadians.

Conservative, Liberal and NDP members of Parliament, as well as B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell, attended the event. A week after the parade, federal NDP Leader Jack Layton visited the temple that organized it.

continues - http://www.cbc.ca/canada/british-columbia/...oliticians.html

Yes thats right my government is full of ****ing idiots too... The "War on Terror" is a joke.

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Yes thats right my government is full of ****ing idiots too...

Oh Canada. you just relized that now??? jk wow thats just sad

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Have you noticed that you never see 'Future Prime Minister of Canada' T-shirts? The truth is, we just hope for more for our children.


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Personally I think as citizens of any nation when a crime is committed and the courts fail, we should set up a trust fund or a legal compensation fund for vigilante justice. If a criminal is let go by the courts that in known to be guilty then it should come down to that. Start an organization that hires and then legally protects people to kill those that are let loose buy a messed up legal system. Damn Lets start collecting money for the best deffence lawyers money can buy and start taking justice out of a corrupt system. Just kill the freakin guy and who ever does we opt to pay his legal fee's. I for one would love to start an organization that puts legal aid together for someone that will take justice into there own hands when courts fail. The courts fail far to often and the law is for the criminal not the victim, Time to change that and kill the guilty. This guy should have hung.

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