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Atlantis power grid


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This is Doug Yurchey who wrote the above article and I really have to thank Irish on this thread for finding out what that area in Canada is - that makes sense that it hasn't been investigated. It's almost like Nazca-lines at Area 51. Wonder if the Suffield training area was placed their ON PURPOSE? And...PLEASE, my Indian friends...I was not being LITERAL by saying no Indians in Canada, not even an arrowhead. I was making the point that the North country should be the home of the Inca. HISTORY IS BACKWARDS. I liked my imagery of snow-covered Incan fortresses...doesn't exist and it should if history was correct. So I meant no offense - I certainly know that Eastern American Indians ventured into Canada, like Iroquois. Remember - I knew of these 13 locations since 1974 and something odd is there! The map predates Yonaguni, the Brazil find and now Canada. Others have written to me and sent me their Google Earth pix of other oddities in THAT area of Canada. I was told of ancient oddities by a Russian IN THE RUSSIAN GRID AREA. One guy sent me what looks like ruins of an Aussie pyramid IN MY AUSTRALIAN GRID AREA. Not only must I thank Irish for realizing what the Canada area is...I have to thank Pokan... saying there ARE petroglyphs in that Canada area...is exactly what I have been looking for since '74! thank you...it further validates my theory...because there are Aussie, Russian petrogylphs ALSO...in those areas...and 8000 years ago is consistent with NUCLEAR wars in India...so you have added to my info; it's appreciated. We must not study these places individually, but look at them collectively. It was a world NETWORK. And the last post...YES...now you're putting your thinking caps on. Having that ultimate Literal (electrical) POWER...those wars you mentioned are OUR HISTORY. It was what the later falls of the Olmec, Maya, Toltec were all about. I believe the good forces (Law of One) hit the Atlantean self-destruct switch so NO ONE WOULD HAVE THE POWER! It was being misused by the bad forces (Belial). Those other ages reconnected the world system; it wasn't as great as it was, but it wirelessly functioned and those later/lesser ages worked for awhile. Reincated forces reappear, everything repeats and we were doomed again...and it all fell to the Dark Ages.

I am placing a few bits from your comments into my revised manuscript; I'm turning the article into a potential book - thanks people. I should have written more about TESLA in the article (he's emphasized in the manuscript)...What he wanted for the world (what we got screwed out of) is the basic principle of Atlantis and the pyramids. A system based on taping into natural EM Earth forces and using them for our power...would resemble a GRID. This is not only the future...it is the answer to the past...and what happened. See the article again and write to me if you have questions. One person wrote to me and said she could not believe SOME of the skeptical and ridiculous comments on your thread...she thought my theory was PROVEN. And if true...that changes everything!

I so agree with this!!!! All history should be viewed like this!!!!

We must not study these places individually, but look at them collectively. It was a world NETWORK.


Great article!!!!

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You don't know just how right you may be!

There is an oral legend of the Cherokee that they lived on a large island, had tall buildings, and machines that flew thru the air, prior to their coming to "Turtleland", which is their name for North America.

They also claimed to have been in North America since the stone age (30-40,000 years).

As someone has stated on another thread, the Cherokee language differs from the other eastern Native Americans also, as does their type of basket weaving.

Hernando de Soto was the first European to explore interior America, by traveling up the Mississippi River and then traveling throughout the southeastern USA. This was in 1540, prior to any European settlers arriving here. He recorded that when he met the Cherokee, there were blond, blue eyed people among them, as well as black people!

Another factor that seems to indicate they came from another place was their stature. While most Native American peoples were of 5 feet 6 inches or less, the Cherokee were reported to have many members exceeding 6 feet in height.

Recent DNA testing shows that there is a connection between the Cherokee and the people of Iceland, Scandanavia, and the middleast people (Lebanon, Syria, etc.).

Recent digs along the east coast have also uncovered artifacts that are duplicates of stone age artifacts of Europe.

Maybe this old world has lots of secrets that she has yet to tell us!!!

some of the 'Thunderbird' legends????


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Have you ever seen pictures of the original inhabitants of Japan? they looked just like native Americans

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