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Fossil of dinosaur-skin traces found


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Workers at a leisure facility found a fossil containing traces of dinosaur skin patterns, a rare discovery that could shed light on the actual appearance of the creature, the Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum said Thursday.

Museum officials said classifying the dinosaur has been difficult because fossils of its bones have not been found.

news icon View: Full Article | Source: Asahi.com
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I wonder if it is determined whether the skin is reptilian in nature or not? The article didn't specify.

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Yeah... so what does the skin look like?!

Like dino skin! :rofl: ....sorry just had to get that one in, anyway yeah it would be nice to see a picture or something

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Very interesting article you got there. Would be nice if there were a few pictures, but I can visualize it a bit.

Pretty neat!


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  • 10 years later...

A cube of sandstone was split to show this skin.

We later took a chisel to expose even more.

The whole dino is probably still there on the river bank.

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