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Analysis: French Leader Is U.S. Friendly

Pinky Floyd

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The French have a habit of bragging about how much smarter and better they are than everyone else in the world. They are the best at everything.

I don't know why.. but i just keep getting these visions of pots and kettles and one or the other is black..

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It works for the CEOs, not for the good of the people.

That is a simplistic and erroneous assumption.

The "good of the people" has always been shown to be attained by establishing a system which requires them to be responsible for themselves. The less government interference with the lives of the people, the more stimulus toward innovation in a free-market economy---the more people prosper. Thus, the more the nation prospers.

According to WHO France has spends less on Healthcare and it is better in quality. US has the best Healthcare: that is a talking point

I would wonder: which is it? The U.S. or France that has the best healthcare. I don't think the point is arguable. The French do appear to have a decent health care system, but it is exceedingly costly, and is under constant funding pressure, despite the fact that French citizens pay 20% of their gross wages in direct taxes to fund it!

Try that in the U.S. and see what happens....

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