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Theories that don't suit any religion

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Mine doesn't seem to make a lot of sense to anyone but me. It's basically seeing the human race as a universe, each person being their own planet with differentiating aspects pertaining to the person. As a planet, you might think of yourself as somewhat drifting along your own orbit, watching the others all drift by in their own orbits. Death is a supernova (duh) but that's not what really is weird or confusing about my philosophy I guess. It's the fact that as a planet you are aware of the creatures inhabiting you and you assign them roles. Perhaps your emotions build your continents, your memories build your cities, etc. And somewhere, among all those little self-designed creatures is an astronomer, gazing out upon the other planets.

...I suppose, if you are to learn tolerance and such, you must teach that little star gazer to look on with appreciative and non-destructive eyes, knowing his limits and boundaries.

That's my weird A philosophy :tu: Who else has one?

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