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Dead Man Walking

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I met a man some years ago. We met through mutual friends. He was smart, articulate and funny. For two and a half years we dated. We shared everything from our hearts, to family stories, to common interests and children. We saw eachother everyday and if we couldn't see eachother we talked on the phone. After two and a half years we began to discuss moving in together and the five of us making a family. I have two children and he had one. I began looking for a home to share. My love (I will call him Pete) was to leave on a business trip. I last saw Pete on Sunday the first week in June of 1990. The very next day he was to leave on his trip. On Wednesday of that same week I received a phone call from the woman taking care of Pete's daughter Sammy. I was to pick Sammy up that day and was as usual running late. I thought Leslie(Sammy's care taker) was calling to know when I would be arriving. Instead, Leslie told me that Pete had never left for his trip and she was wondering if Pete was with me. At that time, Pete and I lived in two seperate towns only fifteen miles apart. I traveled to Junction to check into Pete's missing. I went to Pete's home with Sammy(she was then 13 years old). We searched Pete's home and found nothing out of place. Pete's car keys and house keys were on his desk as per usual when he would arrive home. Pete's billfold was also there. Everything seemed as if he had only left home for a short time and was planning to return. Later I discovered through friends and people who saw Pete that his actions were strange that Monday night. As I said Pete was to leave on a Monday for a business trip. That Monday night he was in three different bars, all owned and operated by friends of Pete. In each bar he was collecting money stating that he was expecting someone to arrive that night and if he didn't have the money he didn't know what was going to happen. In all he collected over $600.00 . Pete was not a gambler and was not a drug user. I had met all of his friends and the only other family member aside from his daughter. Pete's parents both had died some years prior to our meeting. Pete had one sister, whom he had little contact. Pete was last seen outside of a bar on the Main street of Junction. (Junction is a very small town of only 1300 people.) The time was about 1:30a.m. . He was seen in a squatted position talking to three black men, all of whom were standing over him. This was strange for two reasons. One, there were no blacks in this small town. Two, Pete was a bit prejudice. Although Pete was a kind, gentle human being and enjoyed all kinds of different people, he was prejudiced towards black persons. I am not very proud saying this about someone I loved but it is a reality. I never knew the reason why. After 1:30a.m., no one saw Pete again. Two months later, I was told that Pete had been found. He was found in a car in a deep revine. The weather that summer in Iowa had been particularly hot and humid. In fact we had record temperatures. Farmers lost crops due to the weather and many older citizens had succombed to death due to the weather. Upon getting the call I went to Junction to investigate for myself what had happened. I was told by authorites that they had identified Pete by military records. I informed authorities that Pete had never been in any branch of the service. Then I was told that Pete had been identified through dental records. Pete was originally from Michigan. The records there had been destroyed in a fire and Pete had never been to a dentist in Iowa. I asked to see the body of Pete but was informed that I was not allowed. I asked who had identified Pete and was told a friend. I went to the friend and he kept telling me that he had seen the body and that it was Pete. When I pressed harder, the friend finally admitted that he had never seen the body and was never shown photographs. The only identification came through the fact that apparently Pete had borrowed the car he was found in and that the friend who had loaned the car, had identified the car. There was a memorial service for Pete. His friends were there, his daughter, his sister (whom arrived the day of the memorial and left the day of the memorial), everyone was there. No one talked. It was the most silent funeral/memorial I have ever attended. Later I tried through the funeral home to ascertain information about the body that was supposed to be Pete. The funeral home director claimed to have no information. I asked for an obituary and there was none. Later the same funeral director claimed to have never had the memorial of Pete in his funeral home. I was there, as were all the others. How could this director claim such a falsehood? Friends told me to look for Pete's death record hoping that this would give me some information. I did so and found that there is not a death record for Pete. There also is not a birth record for Pete. I have checked with Social Security Administration, also no death record, as well as no birth record. Since Pete's death my son, my daughter and I have seen him on three different occasions. One time he was standing directly in front of us. The three of us stood there in disbelief. As if in a trance, we all walked foward to approach Pete. Pete turned and walked away. We could not find him again in the crowd. Pete was a tall man of 6'7". He was thin and muscular. He had/has blonde hair and a distinctive moustache. I have so many questions after thirteen years. Most of all, is how could he leave his daughter? Pete and Sammy were very close. Pete was a good father to Sammy and I can not see him leaving his daughter willingly. For the past thirteen years my children and I have received phone calls. Sometimes no one is there. Sometimes we are recorded and the machine plays back our answering of the phone. Sometimes the caller talks to me telling me not to go up the hill. Pete was found on Isley Hill(south 61). Sometimes the caller tells me what I am wearing and where I was that day. Interestingly though my children and I have never felt threatened by these calls. It is almost as if we know they are from Pete, what we don't understand is why he doesn't come out and tell us what happened. I have changed my phone number three different times. To no avail. The calls still come. I have moved with my children only to have Pete's car found in front of my house. The car is always empty and we never see the person get in the car to drive it away. One day my daughter stayed home from school (she was in high school at the time) due to a bad cold. She called me at work asking me to come home. She had seen Pete's car in front of the house and it apparently had been there for several hours. It took me two minutes to get home. The car was gone. My children are grown. My daughter is studying at college in another state. My son lives with me while saving money to leave in the fall. Two years ago I updated my home and created a small apartment in the basement. My son lives in this apartment. He works two jobs and is often not at home except late at night. He has put his own telephone line in and is now receiving calls from what we call "Pete's line". Naturally we are perplexed and dismayed. I would like to have an answer to this mystery. I lead a fairly normal life with routines and daily schedules. I have not dated since Pete. Mostly due to being busy and because I am still looking for answers. This is the only bizarre thing that has happened in my life. Now, I question everything. Did I really know Pete? Was that his real name? Did I not know something about him that caused this to happen? If he is alive, where is he? Is he really our caller? Is he the person behind the car that sits in front of our home and our past home? Why did he leave his daughter? The money he collected, why did he leave it on his desk if he needed it so badly? Why was he collecting money, when he had money in the bank? Where do I go to look next? I have contacted Iowa State law enforcement. They say they are investigating. I have heard nothing for two months. It just seems strange to me that someone can disappear in this manner and no one else seems to have questions. An interesting fact I un-covered during my query. In Junction, there are thirteen people missing or have died in freakish accidents. In all cases of the freakish accidents, authorities have suspected foul play but the cases have gone cold.

I would appreciate comments, advice, thoughts. Anything could help.

Thank you

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Hi and welcome to the forum peacelover!

That was some weird stuff you wrote about!

I guess I don't have any anwsers to give, but I wish you luck with finding the thruth!

Hugs from Ruthie!

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I'm with Ruthie I'm afraid......I really have no explanation to give you sorry. I'm sure somebody here will be more helpful though.

Best of luck

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Yes, best of luck, and sorry about your loss. sad.gif

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ghost se'er 101

i just want to say good luck!!! thumbsup.gif

(i felt bad that i dident say something before)

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What happened to his Daughter? Could it be her calling you and driving her Dads old car? What does his Sister think happened?

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Hey Peacelover,

I am truly sorry for your loss.

I am in the process of losing someone very close to me at the moment and it hurts like hell.

It is tempting to think of scenarios for these strange occurances, but i am sure that speculation is all you have and that is quite painfull enough without us adding to your concerns.

I hope you find the answers you seek.

Love Stamford

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i gotta ask, why didn't his sister stay longer, i understand if they didn't like each other, but still?

well when my real dad was still alive (he died from lung cancer) i hadn't talked to him for a long time since i fell out with him? i later moved counties several times and he moved further north, but i turned up at his funeral, stayed there for a few days and even said a speech. Even though i dispised him.

Also if i was you i would press is sister and daughter for more info?

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My condolences. My only thought that comes to mind is Witness Protection. Maybe he's in now or was previously. But feeling is that he is in their right now and unfortunately he feels it be safer for you and his daughter if you didn't know anymore. His calls to you are reassurance that he still is alive and watching over you. Sucks... but like i said.. might be the best thing for all of you for other safety reasons unknown.

Best of luck

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Peacelover accidently posted his reply to everyone via the 'report this post' option, so it was emailed to us mods instead of being posted. I will copy and paste it here for you to read:

    Dear Members:

Thank you to everyone who has responded to my true story of Pete (Dead Man

Walking).  Some of you have written words of thought, regret for Pete and the

loss of his life and to extend words of encouragement and support.  I also

appreciate those whom have written to express ideas of where to look next for

answers.  Some of suggested that I find the sister of Pete or his

Daughter/Sammy.  Pete's sisters' name is Susan and at last knowledge lived in

Arkansas.  She was getting a divorce at the time of Pete's disappearance/death.

She did not use the family name but rather her married name.  I did not know it

then and I do not know it today.  I suppose it is possible that she may have

remarried and moved to another state.  As for Pete's daughter/Sammy.  I was

told that Sammy lived with her Mother for a time in Southern Iowa before moving

to be with her Aunt in Arkansas.  I have been told that Sammy joined the

military and lives in Alaska.  I have also been told that Sammy lives in

Antartic, Arkansas.  When I tried to check into the latter, I found that there

is not an"Antartic, Arkansas".  I believe the two people passing along this

information probably did not have much themselves and tried to give only what

they themselves might have been told.  In other words I do not know if any of

this information is correct.  To answer those who thought that maybe it could be

Sammy who sits in the car in front of my home from time to time.  I suppose at

this juncture anything is possible, but if she actually does live in Alaska or

Arkansas, it would be an awfully long trip just to play a hoax.  Also, Sammy and

I were very friendly together.  We did have two and a half years to know each

other before her Father's disappearance/death  After Pete's death/disappearance

I saw Sammy a few times at her Mother's home.  The thing that puzzled me was

that although she expressed missing her Father, Sammy did not seem particularly

upset about his death.  Sammy's mother/Vickie seemed more sad about the death of Pete.  Each time I saw her she cried.  I did not see Sammy again until she was

about 16.  Sammy was tall like her Father.  She was also thin like him and

already had a muscular build for a young girl.  She looked so much like her Dad

(save the fact that Sammy has brown hair).  Sammy was with three other young

girls.  We talked for a while.  We shared a slushy together.  Sammy told me

about her life with her Mother and about the possiblity of her going to live

with her Aunt to finish out her high school education.  After that visit there

was only one other time that I saw Sammy.  She showed up at my new home

un-announced.  She had arrived to say good-bye before leaving.  Sammy and my two junior high children spent the afternoon laughing, talking and playing like old

long lost friends.  (Which is what they were.)  Sammy thanked us for looking for

her Father when we thought he was missing those months in the summer of 1990.

She expressed dismay at the fact that besides herself, myself and my children

none of his friends or family had looked for him then.  I was afraid to tell her

that I was/am still looking for him.  I was afraid to tell her that I thought he

was still alive.  Because I had no actual proof (other than the three sightings

my children and I had witnessed) I thought perhaps it better to let her think

her Father was dead.  Sammy was a young girl then embarking on a new life

somewhere else.  I did not want to send her with grief or worry.  Sammy left our

home early the same evening of the day she had come to visit.  We hugged

good-bye and exchanged photos and promises to stay in touch.  Unfortunately, I

never heard from Sammy again.  Today, Sammy would be about 23 years old.  I have no real information on Sammy's aunt/Susan or her mother/Vickie.  One last note. I believe that both Pete and his older sister/Susan were both adopted.  Both

parents of Susan and Pete had died prior to my meeting Pete.  The parents had

died of alcohol related diseases.  One died in Michigan, the other in

California.  Pete's parents had divorced when he was about 15 years of age.

Pete had lived with his Mother until falling in with the wrong crowd of young

thieves.  Pete had gotten involved with a group of kids practiced at the art of

stealing cars.  My understanding was that this group had gotten so good at their

wrongful deeds that the FBI had become involved.  Pete cooperated with law

enforcement and helped to dismantle the ring and to capture the leaders of the

group which un-known to Pete were connected with the mafia.  After this

altercation Pete went to live with his Father in Michigan, where he had also

been born.  (As I was told by Pete)  Pete's Father had worked for the Ford Motor

Company for over 25 years before retiring and opening his own company of

manufacturing parts for the Ford Motor Company. 

Anyway, Thank you again to all those who wrote comments, advice, support and

expressions of sorrow for the loss of Pete.  I wish you all could have known

him.  He was a character. 

Thanks again Peacelover

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Dear Site Members:

I am still looking for help. I am in need of suggestions, thoughts, advice and/or new ideas for finding Pete.

If you have not read the story of Pete you may find it on this forum. It is entitled: "Dead Man Walking" with a topic description of "don't know if he is dead or alive".

Briefly: Pete is a man I met in 1987. He went missing the first week in June of 1990. The car he had borrowed from a friend was found in a very deep revine in August of 1990. There was a body inside. Pete was never officially identified. The owner of the car identified the car and authorities then assumed that it was Pete in the car. The body in the car was badly decomposed. The summer of 1990 was particularly hot and humid in Iowa. You can imagine what the body must have looked like after two months in a revine.

The car that was found was a light gray/silver two tone, with a dark gray top. There were no skid marks found on the road to indicate the driver trying to stop the car from leaving the road. This indicates that either the driver was asleep or already dead when the car left the road. The car was found as stated in a deep revine off the highway of South 61. The road has been called Isley Hill ever since I was a kid.

No one ever accurately checked to see if this was Pete. I am still trying to find out what happened. This much I do know: Pete was a single father with custody of his daughter Sammy. Pete was 6'7" tall. He had/has a distinctive moustache, blonde hair and had/has a muscular build. Originally from Michigan and a former student at the University of Michigan. Pete was 35 when he went missing. Because there was a body found in the car and everyone assumed it was Pete, there was a memorial service held for Pete. Later when I tried to investigate this case on my own I discovered that the Stacy-Lewis Funeral Home did not have obituary records for Pete. The director informed that upon checking records, that they(the funeral home)also did not have records of a memorial service for Pete.

There are no death records for Pete and also no birth records. It is almost as if he did not exist. I spent almost three years of my life knowing and loving Pete. We were very close and had planned a future together.

I have actually seen Pete on three different occasions. I do not believe he is dead. My children(now grown)have seen Pete as well. We have received phone calls for the past thirteen years. Sometimes the caller says nothing. Sometimes the caller plays a recording for us. Sometimes the caller speaks telling me no to go up the hill. (I am assuming that the caller is talking about Isley Hill). My family believes that these calls could be from Pete. I belive this as well.

I would urge site members to please send your help. I have been bothered by this for the past thirteen years. I am still looking. Anyone got any ideas?



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Blood Angel

This may seem like obvious advice but, i'll give it anyway. Check all police reports, coronary reports, mortuary reports, autopsy reports, especially about the body, it the body is roughly the same height as pete then assume that it was him. You can go alot deeper, perhaps hire a private investigator, check with the phone companys to trace the caller who keeps calling you, have you gone to the hill he tells you not to go to? It may be worth checking out, sometimes people like that are trying reverse psychology on you to tell you non-directly to go there, in hopes that your curiousity might unearth something, the circumstances are very strange indeed. well thats all i have....

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Sorry for your loss, Peacelover.

Your phone is tapped. When your daughter called you to come look at the car parked outside, someone was listening in and ordered the car to drive off. I don't want to make you paranoid, but you probably have people following you too.

To take it further, your phone is _illegally_ tapped. Even if Pete is in a witness protection program, the phones of his friends can't be legally tapped.

So, what you are looking for is an organization that has:

1. The technology to tap your phone.

2. The time and manpower to have you under surveillance.

3. The motivation to invest manpower into your case. My guess is you know something and they are afraid you'll blow the whistle.

4. The political influence to get away with illegal actions.

5. The means to spread disinformation and remove/alter/fake records.

I don't think it is an organized crime organization. I doubt they have the manpower or means to get into records. The style (phone calls, intimidations, disinformation) sounds like a classic covert government operation. This is your taxes at work. This organization is a hidden branch of the government, operating outside the limits of the law. It probably origins somewhere in the military intelligence, and is staffed with military personnel.

You won't get any help from the police. Either they are subdued by this organization, or they are tricked by it. I agree with Blood Angel, you need an independant private investigator. Don't call one, though, since your phoneline is insecure. First call someone and make an appointment. Then, instead of going to the appointment, visit a private eye in secret. The appointment is just a diversion for whomever is listening in on your call.

Since you are under surveillance, they will always be a step ahead of you. A private investigator might prove very useful as long as they do not know you hired one.

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If what he says is true then maybe you should get one of those bug detectors and see if it finds any in your phone or around your house...

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Re: Your lost loved one.

I sincerely offer my symphaty to you and your family. It is one of the most puzzling lost of a loved one, in your case.

Here is the site that could probably help you understand (note: cant trust the

ruling parties in our society, not ever, only us civilians trust each other)


Believed me, your boyfriend has been deleted or erased.

He could be alive, but he might be under their influenced, you know him better, and trust in your instincts. Or he is already dead, but that body in that funeral is not him, very sure and positive. Im not experienced but, if you notice about many unusual things happen during his disappearance and mysterious call keep on tracking you, do you think its the work of an ordinary citizen that can able to locate you no matter how you hide ? Believed me they have that technology to locate us everywhere they hide, not only aliens, but those people who make a huge daily lie to us, they are in power, right now....but not forever. Their secret society of doing dark works will be exposed on the house tops, when Jesus reigns and all the wicked will have their just rewards.

As for now, my advice is, don't let this events overtake you and your family's life, living in fear and uncertainty if probaby so extremely exhausting both to your body, mind and spirit. Live normal life, accept things wether good or bad as it is, this is mortality, we will have to face adversity and trials during this earth life. Try to pray to God, for comfort and pour out your heart to him, he will ease your burden and gives you peace of mind. Someday, you will know the truth to what happened to Pete, and those responsible who works secret combination of darkness will pay for what they did to Pete, and to others too.

Are you not wondering so many missing people from children to 50 years old? They are missing persons in your daily mail, hundreds of missing persons every month. Imagine, if its the work of a serial killer or cannibal, they dont have enough room to store it. Also, rapist or cannibals will be overwhelmed by so many bodies to dispose.

Also, most of these missing persons leave without a trace of their dead bodies to be found, isn't it very obvious who did it?

Below are the probable suspects:

1. Aliens

2. Aliens and Govt. working for experiments together in exchange of technology, knowledge, weapons, space crafts, science projects, humans are under the experiment of their various projects, which is loved by aliens underneath our surface earth or outer space aliens. (Note: Aliens are advance in technology and intelligence, but not human emotions or beauty. Aliens dont need our technology, they need our bodies to study us, and who helped them?, you know it.)

3. Vampires

4. Cannibals

5. Unknown beasts or creatures

Honestly, you cannot do anything about it, make your heart and mind at peace, just rely on the supreme being above who knows everything whats going on and vengeance is in his hands and its coming very soon. My estimated date would be 2100 to 2200 year but not later than that.

Just be very careful, many are watching over you, my suggestions is that you just talked about it to your trusted friends and family. Some might be spies, the more you not talk about it, the better it will be for you and your family. If Pete is alive and in his right mind, he will comeback, but if all of you are all in danger if he comes back, then , he will probably choose not to show his face or be in contact with all of you. Wherever he is , if he is still alive, a powerful organization is holding him, they dont want to jeopardized their dark works and secrets. And he doesnt want all of you to be in danger, like he is now.

Hope this gives you some answer to your questions.

Be at peace and live normal life.

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Dear Site Members: I truly do appreciate everyone's advice, thoughts, comments and/or informationl. Every little bit helps.

For Everyone's Information: I miss Pete very much. I think I could have lived accepting what everyone else seemed to assume, that it was Pete's body in the car. The only problem was that there were so many questions. There were no skid marks indicating that the driver of the car was already dead or passed out. Why was the car the only identifying mark? An autopsy was not performed, I was told, due to the decomposition of the body. Law enforcement in Louisa County and in Muscatine, claim to have no incident or accident report regarding the car found with a body in the revine off Isley Hill. The local newspaper which ran the story of the car and the body found back in 1990, no longer has a copy of this article. I have checked all archives. The Stacy-Lewis Funeral Home now claims that their funeral home did not perform a Memorial for Pete and they do not have an obituary for him. There are no birth or death records for Pete. The University of Michigan does not have a listing for Pete in their records. I also could not find a picture of him in their annuals.

My family has received phone calls for the past thirteen years. This includes the home of my parents.

Who was it that Pete was meeting that Monday night? Why did he leave the money he had collected behind in his wallet? Why did he need the money when he had money in the bank?

Why has Pete's car been parked in front of my home. It should be known that no one in my family has seen the car for the past five months.

Police have been involved regarding this case and my questions. Police have found a tap on my phone but could not discover who had placed it.

Police in the past have seen Pete's car in front of my home. A check on the license plate revealed the car to be owned by someone I do not know.

At present the Iowa Department of Public Safety are checking into the questions I have presented and are awaiting a report from the Department of Health.

My family and I continue to lead as normal lives as possible. Daily routine and schedules continue. We do not live in fear but no longer trust those outside of our family.

When I first bought my home in 1994, we had three break ins. The first one practically destroyed my home. Everything had been trashed. I had to buy a new refrigerator, a new couch, a new TV, new dishes. Personal information had been stolen from my home office. The second break-in resulted in the death of our family cat. I now own a large 1501b German Shepard(and two basset hounds). The third break-in, I think was just a look around. My mail was stolen.

I have stopped using credit cards. I refuse to change my phone number again. I have become accustomed to changing the locks on my home every six months. My own drivers license has a privacy block. My mother still receives phone calls. My daughter has moved to another state. My son is planning to move as well but I think that he has stayed this long just to be a protector.

I work as a social worker/counselor. Much of my work revolves around counseling victims of violence. I am very familiar working with police at a crime scene. This has helped because the police in my community have been cooperative in watching out for my home and family.

Life does go on for us. We are positive people, with a positive outlook on life. We would simply like some answers to our questions.

I believe that from time to time we have been watched. I do not believe that it is on an every day basis. If we have information, I am un-aware of it.

My son wishes that I would have never posted Pete's story at this site. He believes that whomever has been looking in on us could somehow tap into our computer and become aware that I have posted Pete's story. He could be right. I am tired though. I posted Pete's story to get help. I know there are answers out there. If there is someone watching, listening or whatever, come ahead. I do not consider this a game. I also refuse to become a paranoid personality. I want answers and I will gain information only by putting the questions out there.

So, if there is anyone out there who can help, please do. Please tell your site member friends about this story. The more who know, the closer I can get to the answers.

Thanks everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I am really sorry to hear of your loss and what you are going through.

From first impressions sounds to me like he may be under witness protection and from the little I know about witness protection they erase all traces of that person as if they never existed, which seems to be what happened to your friend.

As was metioned before, I would probably hire a private investigator to see if he/she could come up with anything. If they don't then he probably is under witness protection which means you will probably never see him again. I really hope that at some time you are able to move forward and find some peace.

All the best, Lottie

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First of all, i have to say how sorry i am for what you are going through. Thirteen years is a very long time...I have to say that i agree with Lottie. Since you mentioned his involvement with the mafia, my very first thought was witness protection. He probably didn't want to tell you (and his daughter) about it for your own protection. This would explain the fact that there are no records of him. If this is true, then the only person who knows about this is his sister. That could be the reason they weren't much in contact and the reason she left that quickly on the day of his memorial, (so that she wouldn't expose him). Maybe your answers will be found once you find his sister...I am no expert, but i hope that my own thoughts have helped you a little dontgetit.gif . Good luck!

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what has happened to peacelover and her interesting story? Anyone know?

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Blood Angel

After reading the whole story...and not realising that she replied..i'm going to *try and create* a theory based on the apparent information. I do admire peacelovers persistance in finding the truth. So here goes.

We could very well say that he was in witness protection, however as i understand witness protection just give you a new identity, and move you somewhere else. I don't think they go to the trouble of erasing a whole mans past, and fake a death with no apparent leads (this would take up HUGE amounts of government resources, particulary as their are so many on the program...). The only other prganisations that go to so much trouble are....security services. All the hallamrks are there, no past, no birth, fake death, loose ends. With all the evidence you have shown such as no autopsy report(all bodys go through autopsy, regardless of state of decomposition, even if it is immediately obvious how the person died.), no formal identification, no police inquirys, no military records....

When you said pete told you he served in the military (or was it his family that told you this?) did he speak much about it? Trying to remember even the smallest parts, are difficult but a few words can provide a wealth of information (i must stress, constantly ask you friends that knew him, about any military activity that pete engaged in). The culprits however is a tricky one, the hpone calls, the apparent surveillance, witness protection don't go to this much trouble. Nor does the mafia. The police said your phone is tapped, this automatically makes it a case for the NSA (National Security Agency), ask you department whether this illegal tap has been referred to them (tapping of phones not by a government agency is deemed a threat to national security). If however they say the NSA will not be involving themselves in anyway, then you can assume that a agency put it there. The NSA deals with all surveillance activity in the US, this includes phone-tapping, "spying"(surveillance, by following you around), satelite transmission interception, email and instant messaging monitoring, CCTV monitoring, radio frequncy monitoring, bugging of homes (including tracking bugs, cameras and the like). If you believe you are being watched by a government agency, do this, watch a movie called "enemy of the state" pick up on the tricks used by will smith and his cohort (and that cat), that they use in finding bugs, cameras and microphones. The break-ins are probably a diversion so they can fit new equipment into your home. I take it you reported it but "no evidence was found" for finding any suspects. NSA aren't very friendly with other services such as DEA (drugs enforcement agency) ATF( alcohol tobacco and firearms) CIA (central intelligence agency), NSA has a larger budget and takes "the main road" in intelligence now (which used to be the CIA's job). Contary to popular belief, the FBI isn't a intelligence agency, but i wouldn't throw them out of the bag, since you mentioned a past history with the mafia. So what was pete? possibly he was a agent, his cover was blown, he needed to disappear. Or he was a former agent, he knew something someone else was after, so the security agency he was with before he retired, asked him to disappear. You also mentioned ford motor company, this is something you can check up on. Call the place of buisness he used to work at, ask them if anyone ever worked there with that name. If they say no, then that 25 years work was probably with the government, not ford. (retired agents cannot speak about what they have seen or done during service, he obviously had a very good cover story, yet there always are loopholes. these are the holes you can use to blown it open.) I gave you just a theory, but don't feel stupid in tryingout anything i have suggested.....and if it was NSA...we didn't have this conversation (LOL).

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Dear Site Members:

Thank you everyone for reading my story of Pete. Thank you for your replies, your thoughts, your caring and your wisdom.

I write today to let everyone know that I have contacted a Sgt. Ritzman at the Iowa Department of Public Safety. I have shared Pete's story with Sgt. Ritzman. He had promised to check into the matter for me.

I recently received a reply from Sgt. Ritzman. He states that the person in the car was actually Pete. Sgt. Ritzman claims that he checked with the Department of Public Health and was informed of a death record for Pete. He also claims that he spoke to a Doctor that performed the autopsy and furthered commented that Pete had been identified through dental records and through his military service.

I shared with Sgt. Ritzman that I had been told by law enforcement officials that no autopsy had been performed and that Pete had no dental records on file. I also informed Sgt. Ritzman that Pete had never been in the military. He had never served in any branch of service. Pete was too young to have gone to Viet Nam. Sgt. Ritzman replied that Pete had been in the service and had served in Viet Nam based on the records he (Ritzman) had checked. I replied again to Sgt. Ritzman and informed him that Pete had been mistakenly recognized by a Junction man whom had actually gone to Viet Nam and claimed to have met Pete there. Pete's mistake and his willingness to go along with the story only served to perpetuate this mis-reality.

I asked Sgt. Ritzman to share the information he had obtained with me so that I could see for myself what the documents said. Sgt. Ritzman informed me that the Iowa Department of Public Safety does not share this type of information.

It should be known that there is a man with Pete's name that did serve in the military in the army and had gone to Viet Nam. Pete had obtained the military record and a picture of this man. I do not know how he did this. He once told me that someone had sent him this information. In any case, the information and the picture of this man do not match Pete except in name only. The picture of the man identified as Pete, that I saw was a man with brown hair, brown eyes and wore glasses. I read the papers of this man and the papers stated that the man had served in the army as a Green Beret and had won the congressional medal of honor. The papers also described the man as 6', brown hair, brown eyes and glasses. My Pete, was 6'7" tall with a muscular build. Blonde hair, blue eyes, no glasses and a distinctive moustache.

Sgt. Ritzman claims that the man I inquired about is the man found dead in the car, in the revine on Isley Hill.

I do not understand this. Now, I think I have more questions.

How could this have been Pete? I know that I have seen Pete alive. His car has been in front of my home. My kids saw Pete alive. Pete's sister Susan was surprised to learn at the memorial that there were people in Junction that thought Pete had been in the military. I remember she laughed at this possibility.

What about Pete's record as a youth?

I am completely confused. I am questioning who I fell in love with. Who was the man I loved? Was Pete his real name? Did he really serve in the army? Why is the description of the man named Pete in the military and my Pete so vastly different?

For the first time since Pete's death/disappearance, I think I am afraid. When I think about all the times we have received calls, the information that the caller knows about me, about my family. Who broke into my home? Why?

I am sorry to have to tell you all this. Everyone has been so kind to write and to care. I thought everyone should know. I am sorry to tell you because I am sorry to also be sharing something that I am sure will confuse you all as well. I do not have any answers to give.

Thank you again everyone for everything. I will close this chapter of Pete for now. I have to think about this for a while. I have to try and figure out who this man was.

Please if anyone has any ideas as to where to go from here, please share.



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It almost seems like he commited identity fraud possibly, or was involved in some sort of secret operation.

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Dear Naveed:

I honestly don't know what to think at this point.

I met this man in 1987. We dated for two and a half years before his disappearance/death. He told me his name was Pete. He told me he had never been in the military. He told me that the man from Junction had simply been mistaken in his recognition of Pete. Pete told me that he had never been to Viet Nam.

Pete also told me that his dental records had been burned in an accidental fire back in Michigan. Pete said that he had never been to a dentist in Iowa.

I practically lived in Pete's home, as did he in mine. I never saw any records of him being in the military or any branch of government service. I knew that Pete needed dental work. His teeth were not good. They were discolored from smoking and were gray from a bad diet and drinking. In the last six months before Pete's disappearance/death I had come to realize that Pete was a functioning alcoholic. It always puzzled me as to how he could stay in such good physical health. Pete did like manual labor and was a hard worker.

Seeing pictures of his family. His mother, his father and his sister, I also suspected that maybe his sister and he were adopted.

If Pete did take on the identity of the real Pete whom had been in the military and had served in Viet Nam, why? Pete had lived in Junction for twelve years (or, so he told me). Pete had told me that this man who had mistaken him for someone else had been one of the first people he had met when arriving to Junction. In fact this same man had introduced Pete to his boss at the Cabinet shop where Pete worked in Junction. Pete was a carpenter by trade and had worked as such. Pete also drove a semi-truck over the road for extra money. The trucking company from which he worked was directly across the street from Pete's home in Junction. Also, the cabinetry and furniture making shop where Pete worked for the twelve years he lived in Junction was two doors down the block from Pete's home.

In thinking about all of this I have had one bizarre thought. When I wrote to Sgt. Ritzman and asked him to help me with my inqueries he had replied that the man in the car was Pete. He also replied that Pete had been identified through dental records and from his military service record. What if the man in the car was the real Pete? The real Pete whom had served in Viet Nam.

The latter brings up other questions. For example: How did my Pete and the real Pete meet? When could they have met? It had to have been some time during the time that my Pete and I were dating. If they did meet, why was the real Pete driving the car that my Pete had borrowed from his friend? If my Pete did take on the identity of the real Pete, what were his reasons? And how did the real Pete die?

As I continue to think about this, I remember that Pete paid for everything in cash. He did not have a checking account. At least not one that I ever saw. To my knowledge, Pete did not have credit cards. One time I tried to look at Pete's drivers license. He grabbed it from my hand. Pete and Sammy's mother had never married. I did see custody papers for his daughter Sammy. Pete had custody of his daughter. This brings up another question. A man who fights for custody of his daughter, is the same man who supposedly takes on the identity of another (before Sammy's birth). I would have thought that anyone taking on the identity of another does this out of a sense of fear and want for hiding. Why does this same person then become involved with a woman, live with her and create a child. If a person is trying to hide, would they involve others in their life?

As I said, I was not afraid before. I think I am now. Would you be afraid?

Thank you Naveed for writing.


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There must be a reason that there is a military records disgust.gif try and find out his history like what he did before he met you.

another suggestion search everything no ones perfect im sure they might forget to remove some things.

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Dear Site Members:

This is the history of Pete ........... . This is Pete's history as he told it to me.

HISTORY: 1. Born in Michigan. I do not know what city or town but I am guessing that it is somewhere near Detroit or Lansing, Michigan.

2. Pete and his sister Susan lived in or near Detroit, Michigan with their parents. I have suspected that Pete and his older sister were adopted.

3. Pete's Father worked for the Ford Motor Company before retiring and starting his own company making parts for the Ford Motor Company.

4. Pete said his mother was a stay at home mom.

5. Pete's parents divorced at some point before Pete was fifteen.

6. At fifteen Pete was living with his mother. His sister was grown and living out on her own at that time. Also, beginning at fifteen Pete became involved with a group of teenagers who stole cars. Apparently the group became so good at their craft that they ended meeting a man who helped to organize the youths. They began to steal more cars and sell them to a "chop shop". Kids being kids they were caught. Pete was encouraged to work with law enforcement officials to un-ravel the car theft ring. Pete claimed that the FBI had become involved at that point. Eventually everyone was caught. Pete had to testify. This is when apparently Pete found out that the man whom had organized his teenage group was inovolved with the mafia. It was a short period after all of this that Pete's Father collected him from his Mother's home and had Pete continue his high school education living with his Father. Pete's discussed going to Wood Stock with his sister, somewhere around this age.

7. Pete graduated from high school. He said that the following fall he was enrolled at the University of Michigan. Pete said he studied there for three years before leaving. Pete said that he had been preparing for a degree in Architecture. I am guessing that Pete graduated in the years 1970 or 1972.

8. When Pete left the University of Michigan in 1975 he said that he traveled to Canada. He stayed there in the Yocuton for a short period and then came back to the states. Somewhere along the way he met Vicki.

9. In 1975, Pete and Vicki ended up in Conesvile, IA. Their daughter Sammy was born that same year.

10. In 1976, on the Birthday of Sammy, Pete's Father came to visit Pete and his then family. Pete said that his Father was not pleased with his situation and encouraged Pete to return to Michigan. Pete refused. His Father left him with $1200.00. Pete and his Father never spoke again. Pete always claimed that he had burned the money. Vicki was angry. A short time later Pete moved out of the trailer he shared with Vick and Sammy. Pete moved to Junction.

11. When Sammy was two, Vicki gave custody to Pete. She left town for several years, only to return in 1986.

12. Pete stayed in Junction with Sammy. He began to make a life for himself and Sammy. For over a decade, Pete worked at a trucking company located directly across the street from his home. He also worked at a Cabinet Shop just two doors down from his home. Pete paid for everything in cash. He had no phone and refused to get one.

13. In 1987 Pete and I met through mutual friends. We began dating. After about a year Pete told me the truth about his military record. It was explained to me by Pete that when he arrived in Junction in 1975, that he (Pete) was approached by a man on the street. The man called him by name and began to talk about Viet Nam. Pete tried to explain that he had not been in the military but apparently the man would not listen. Pete further explained that it was this man that had helped Pete to find the jobs he had and the apartment in which he and Sammy lived. From then on everyone in the town accepted Pete as a Viet Nam Veteran. Pete said that so many people believed this story, so many people that he considered friends, that he had never been able to tell them all the truth. Pete said that myself and Sammy's babysitter and her husband were the only people that knew the truth. Somehow out of consideration for the feelings of all these people, none of us told the truth.

It is my understanding now that there was a Pete ..........., that had been in the army. The real Pete served in Viet Nam as a Green Beret working in intelligence. My Pete and the real Pete just happened to have the same name.

The latter is (I am guessing) where the military records come from. The real Pete would have military and dental records.

This is the history of my Pete ..........., as I know it.

There is one last history piece that everyone should know.

Pete went missing the second week of June in 1990. His body/or a body and the car in which he had borrowed were found on August 18, 1990. The body in the car was badly decomposed. After a summer with 110 degrees and high humidity and two months spent at the bottom of a deep revine, I don't know how much of the body was left.

Two days after the body was found there was a memorial service held for Pete. Pete's sister Susan was there. She had ordered the Pete's body to be cremated. It was a very simply service. The Urn was placed on a table with a picture of Pete. No one spoke. Susan never said any parting words for her brother. Sammy, Pete's daughter was actually dancing and singing. I was very surprised. Susan left right after the service and took the urn with her.

One week later, I took my kids to Sand Run. This had at one time been a popular swimming hole. Now at the end of that summer, no one was there. Myself and my two children had decided to have one last swim before the summer was over. So we packed up a picnic lunch and our two labs and went swimming. Sand Run is located in a "National Forest" outside of Wapello. (Believe me no one from Iowa considers this a "Forest"). Anyway when we arrived there was a man sitting in a boat. We decided to swim anyway. As the day progressed we began to notice that the man was not moving very much. He stayed sitting in the boat, shored up on the beach and watched my kids and I swim. Because for some reason he seemed non-threatening I was not bothered by his presence. The kids and I did notice that our dogs kept bringing him sticks to throw and greeted him as if he were a friend. While my kids and I ate our picnic lunch, I offered the man a sandwich. When I handed him the sandwich, I looked into his face. It was Pete. Pete looked at me and said not a word.

I think that I was stunned. I remember backing up to sit with my kids. My daughter offered the man a bottle of juice. The man said nothing except nodded his head no. I sat there for the longest time waiting for Pete to say something. He said nothing. To this day, I don't undersand why it was that I felt that I could not respond to him. I continued to sit on the blanket on the beach and Pete stayed in the boat on the beach.

As the sun began to set, I gathered up my kids, our things and our dogs. I remember that Jimmy our youngest lab dropped a stick in the lap of the man/Pete. As we walked away, we all said our good-byes to the man. He nodded to all of us. I asked him if he would be okay, he nodded yes.

As we drove home I remember that the three of us were quiet. When we arrived home, my daughter asked, "Was that Pete?" I answered, yes. It was then that my son told us that he had spoken to the man. While I was swimming, my son had gone to the man. He said that he had said hello to Pete and had recognized him underneath the hat he was wearing. My son asked Pete if he wanted to come home and Pete had apparently replied,"Not yet".

It took the three of us a little time before we could talk about that day again. I think we were all surprised by our encounter and by how we all felt about it. No one knew what to say because we couldn't change anything. So, I suppose we just didn't talk about it.

We would each have at least two more experiances of seeing Pete again.

What do we do now?

I have a report from a law enforcement official from the Iowa Department of Public Safety telling me that the man I inquired about is Pete ........... . And that the report is backed up by military and dental records, including a death notice from the Doctor that performed the autopsy.

What I don't know for sure is who the man in the car was. Was it the Pete I knew or the real Pete who was a Veteran? Was the story that Pete told me false? Was he really in the military as everyone in Junction seems to believe? If my Pete was not in that car then who was? The IDPS says it is Pete ........... . Was the man in the car alive when he went off the road and down into the revine? Why did my Pete and the real Pete look different? My Pete was tall, the other Pete was short in stature and round. My Pete had blonde hair and blue eyes. The real Pete had Brown hair and brown eyes. The real Pete wore glasses, my Pete did not.

I don't know.

Thank you everyone for paying attention to this story and trying to help.


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