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Israel successfully launches Ofek 7 satellite

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Israel successfully launches Ofek 7 satellite

The Israel Ministry Of Foreign Affairs press release is reproduced below:

11 Jun 2007

Ofek 7, an Israeli-produced remote-sensing satellite, was successfully launched and injected into orbit.

Photo: Israel Aerospace Industries

Israel's Ministry of Defense announced on Monday (11 June 2007) the successful launch of the 'OFEK 7' satellite. The satellite was launched and successfully injected into orbit by the 'Shavit' satellite launcher at 2:40 A.M. The satellite, able to circle the earth every 90 minutes, will begin sending images back from space within two or three days.

The successful launch was especially meaningful following a failed attempt in 2004, when the Ofek-6 crashed into the Mediterranean shortly after launch.

In the next phase, the satellite will undergo several tests for validation of its serviceability and satisfactory performance.

The 'OFEK 7' advanced technology remote sensing satellite and the 'Shavit" satellite launcher were both developed and produced by Israel Aerospace Industries in cooperation with various other Israeli hi-tech companies: El-Op, IMI, Rafael, Tadiran-Spectralink, Elisra and others.

The launch was conducted from an Israeli Air Force test range.

Source: Israel Ministry Of Foreign Affairs press release

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