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Shadow people phenomena


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Thats pretty wild about the one in Georga.......I seen them behind Fort Mcphersion in Ga ( the woods by the side fence to be exact).

I'll keep this short, I'm not wanting to really talk about them in a public forum, I've seen the small hooded ones that float and the Tall one.

No drugs, No sleep, nothing like that involved, and it has never been out of the corner of my eye, it has always been straight foward like seeing any other person. I have not seen them like shadows on the wall either, I see them with the same mass as a human, all dark, can't see the faces, no red eyes, I can't see the eyes. They are defiently not see thru.

3rd time I seen them I lost my voice for about 30 minutes to a hr.

They are not ghosts....I know this for a 100 percent fact.

I do not want to say too much in a public forum for my own reasons.

But the big one sends the little ones to bring me to him....and he does talk. The big one never comes to me...he always has me brought to him.

I've seen where he stays. I've talked to him for at least a good 20 minutes. I'm actually looking for someone else like myself that has been to where he stays or has also talked to him.

If anyone wants to talk or anything like that, you can either send a private message to me on here, if I do not reply promptly and you have Myspace then you can message me on there at www.myspace.com/lowuhs

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a while ago i watched white noise again

and because it said it was based on actual events i went to look it up, yet i always have felt like i was watched

a lot but i thought it was just imagination, i've only had(still have) this feeling when at home.

i searched up a lot about evp, types of spirits and such like that... shadow people, hat man, doppelgangers and such.

even while searching it i felt watched and kept getting cold shivers..

when i decided to go to bed and continue watching tv from the bed i noticed a shadow figure sitting on its heels that scared the **** out of me..

after like 5 minutes of staring at it i thought, maybe its my deskchair shadow...

but then i got even more freaked out when it was still there when the chair was moved away... it moved to the left and right a little while on its heels asif not able

to keep balance.

when i looked the other way i also noticed 3 things in wich i can resemble the forms of hands wich also move a little yet not in a grabbing way... wich are even there on this day.

i made sure nothing is in front of them and the tv isnt what makes the shadows because they are also there when its off, i feel like something is in the corner of my eyes always at home.

yet i only saw the shadow person itself once... i think i see it right now hiding behind my chair because its shape is different from my chairs shadow... this is not a joke... it scares the **** out of me...

i feel watched by it and have cold chills right now... i am moving out of the house within one month to my granny... problem is entire family feels watched there in 1 bedroom where my grandma's husband died but i also feel watched there at night and in places with a lot of shadow, nobody dares to sleep there and its for years like that now.. not even my grandma... i used to think my granny was just becoming old... and talked to herself.. but after putting a better notice to it she is actually talking to someone...

unlike the one at home i dont think this is a shadow person but my deceased grandpa..

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