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Mel's Hole?

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Hi everyone, I've been lurking on the forum for a while,

just reading posts, but I finally registered tonight

because a pal of mine relayed a story to me and asked me to

find some information on it, and i'm having no luck with

the internet search engines.

So, I'm wondering if anyone here has ever heard of

something called 'Mel's Hole'? According to my friend,

there is one in Washington or was, that the military took

over, and another one somewhere in Arizona, which is where

the stry comes from. I'll summerize the information I have

so far.

Supposedly, somewhere in Washingtom, there was ahle in the

ground that local people used to dispose their junk in.

Apparently no one ever wondered why the hole never filled

with water or junk, but it ot some notice when said hole

started to emit...shadows. It was projected like light, but

it was darkness. Anyway, soon after the phenomena was

reported, the military took over the land, and that was

that. Supposedly there are satellite photos of the area

that have been doctored to cut out the hole.

However, another hole was discovered in AZ, on a

reservation. This one was a pefect circle, 6 feet across,

and it had a thin metal rim about 3 inches across around

it. The property owners decided to see how deep it was, and

lowered 1500 feet of rope with weight on the end before

they ran out of rope. Next, they took two buckets of ice,

put one on the ground, and lowered the other into the hole.

After the bucket on the ground had melted, they hoisted the

ice out of the hole, and not only was te ice not melted,

but when they touched it, it was room temperature. When


tried to melt it by using a lighter, the ice caught fire.

Supposedly they lit the whole bucket of ice on fire and it

still hasn't melted to this day.

Next, they lowered a sheep in a cage into the whole for the

same amount of time as he ice. When they pulled it back up

again, the sheep was dead. When they performed the autopsy,

they found that the entire outer layer of the sheep had

been cooked. Not only that, but al the organs that should

have been inside had joined into one giant tumor-like mass.

When they attempted to cut this mass open, a small creature

was inside, described as similar to a baby seal, only with

very human eyes. The creature was alive, and moved around

the table as the men in the room watched, until it almost

went over the edge of the table and one of the men caught

it, and set it on the ground. The creature looked at him,

blinked several times, and walked back to the hole, where

after looking at him again, it fell over the edge and out

of sight.

A short time later, the 'anti-light' was witnessed coming

out of the hole, and the man who had caught the creature,

supposedly was cured of his prostate cancer.

Anyway, that's the story as close as I can remember it

being told to me...and I was wondering if anyone here has

ever heard of it or a story similar to it?

I'm also interested in paranormal activity in the Ohio

area...I'd love to spend a night in a haunted house or



PS pardon my typos, my keyboard is acting up.

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  A quick search using google turned up about 75 hits, not all of them are relevant, but there seems to be quite a bit of info there. Here's a link to the search;


There is also THIS and THIS in the news more recently.

 The other part of your story sounds almost like an urban legend, as the claims in it are quite fantastic.  You would think such an incredible tale would generate massive exposure and/or coverage, even if it were limited to the numerous conspiracy - paranormal websites.

Magikman  :sg

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interesting story Nall and

thanx for the links MM and Mr X.

BTW Nall welcome to the forum :st

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        Hi  Nall   Welcome to the forum  

          When I read about these deep holes,  I was reminded of some stories (posted here a while ago) where some pirates or bank robbers had buried treasure deep in the ground,  and  people have been trying to figure out the maps to  find the location.  What if that's what these holes are!!  They fill them in,  they'll never know!!  :o

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Those links reminds me of the oak island mystery. BTW, welcome to the forum Nall  :st

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Thank you for your help, everyone. :) I found out that the

story I wrote down here was something originally told on

Art Bell by a man claiming to be Mel.

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 Yes, you are correct, the Nevada 'hole' was supposedly discovered by Mel, and he told his story on Art Bell in 2001. You can no longer access Bell's programs for free anymore, pity. If you click on Mr. X's link, there is a discussion forum devoted to Mel's Hole were members discuss all aspects of his story. While Mel himself does not participate (no surprise), someone claiming to be his nephew does.

 Here is a link to Art Bell's original interview with Mel from 1997, about his original discovery in Washington state;

Magikman  :sg

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Interesting story, but it sounds like a hoax to me, yes there may be some pipes, but that other with the sheep and the ice?? Why did they came up with something like that to put a bucket full of ice in the hole??  ???

Odin S. :s9

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