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The way John The Revelator saw Things

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To study the book of revelations one must look

through john's eyes. Think about it, back in john's

day the only mode of transportation was ship,

camel, horse, chariot ect. Then here comes the lord.

He taken up into heaven and shown the future,

the way things will be at the end of the age.

Apparently no one sat him down and said, what

he was seeing was a jet fighter, or a army tank,

or nuclear radiation. So when he came back

he wrote down things in his own terms, the

best he knew how. "And I saw locust,

with faces of men,(pilot in cockpit) crowns of

gold(sheild on top of plane) teeth like lions,

(shark's teeth painted on front of planes)

and the sound of their wings, were like chariots

rushing into battle. He described an army tank

as a scorpion having breast plates of iron

spewing forth fire and brimstone.

John even describes an oil slick as the

sea looking like the blood of a dead man and every

living creature died. Looking through john's eyes

helped learn how john wrote this book.

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