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From Ecumenism to Mysticism to Heresy

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From Ecumenism to Mysticism to Heresy - En route to a one world religion

By Barbara Henderson

When you mix iron and clay, you get a mixture without any strength. When you mix truth with lies, you get a useless ideology and dissatisfied people.

If you have not heard of the movement toward a one world religion, you have been hiding in a remote cabin in the Rocky Mountains. I first heard of the Ecuminical Movement when I was growing up. I didn’t pay it any attention because the idea that Baptists and Church of Christ could merge into one church was ridiculous to me. When you throw Catholics into the mix, you get an even more ridiculous scenario. I knew such reconciliation was impossible because I knew the theological differences among the denominations were insurmountable. Someone who believes that salvation is by grace cannot reconcile with someone who believes salvation is through works. If one teachings is true - then the other cannot be true. Then you take the Baptists and Protestants and try to reconcile with the Catholics and it is even more impossible, because you cannot reconcile the idea of the Catholic Pope, (a man who dies like any other man) as being the vicar of Christ. Baptists, Protestants, and Catholics all believe in Jesus Christ, but they have vastly different teachings on how to reach Him. Next, try to reconcile with the various religions of the world such as Hindu, Islam, Wicca, New Age, Pagan, and Collectivists (socialists, communists, humanists, etc..) and the task becomes even more impossible. I was raised by very straight forward and truthful parents. It never occurred to either me or my parents that bringing about a one world religion would require changing the debate. We saw a one world religion as something that was impossible as long as there was no compromise on the truth.

A reconciliation of the world’s religions is impossible IF the debate is based on the truth. So those seeking a one world religion set out to change the focus of the debate from ‘truth versus error’ to creating things in common among all religions and belief systems. ‘Feelings’ and ‘experience’ are placed above truth. Those pushing the reconciliation of religions know full well that truth and feelings really have no connection. For instance, most teenagers will occasionally feel that their parents do not love them and do not understand them. The truth is that parents love their children and make hard decisions based on what is good for their teenager - whether it is popular with the teenager or not. The teenagers feelings do not change the truth of the parent’s love.

Bonds between people can be formed based on common experiences. Common experiences cross genders, cultures, skin colors, and even religion. A one world religion can begin through common experiences. Everyone needs to experience something out of the ordinary, something that is at least sort of ‘unexplainable’. It doesn’t have to be a big experience -like getting kidnapped by aliens, although that is a good mystical experience. It can be something as small as reading your horoscope in the morning newspaper and having something remotely similar to the predication come to pass that day. A personal mystical experience can be gained through a simple yoga class. It can be a vivid dream, a moment of ‘deep understanding’ in a trying situation, or just about anything that is out of your ordinary everyday experiences. I think an exceptionally hideous ‘mystical experience’ is often brought about through a so called Christian music service - specifically designed to bring about an emotional response.

For some reason, people ‘feel special’ because of a mystical event. They feel like they have ‘made contact’ with ‘a higher level of consciousness’. In truth, they have either experienced the occult, or opened the door to experience the occult.

Keep in mind that the God of the Bible does sometimes direct someone in an unusual way. He does not direct the affairs of an individual believer through a horoscope, through mindless meditation, through contact with aliens, an emotional high, or anything that does not fall clearly within the boundaries set out for us in the Bible. The first course of action for Christians in their daily routine as well as big decisions is daily Bible study. God gives answers to all the big questions in His book. Stay within the boundaries set by the Bible. Educate yourself enough to know what the boundaries are. If you are within Bible boundaries and still don’t know what to do about a situation - do what you want to do. God gives you freedom of choice within those guidelines.

Through mystical events, or just through something not easily explained, people can form a connection with each other. Connecting to people through some mystical experience is easier than connecting through the truth. Even in main line churches and denominations known for their ‘fundament’ beliefs, heresy easily creeps in. Anything that deviates from strict Biblical interpretation is heresy.

Common heresies today include;

Denial of the virgin birth.

Denial of inerrancy of the scripture.

Denial of the physical death and bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Denial of the narrow way through Jesus Christ as being the only way into heaven

(Article Continues)


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