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The Latter Day Rain

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The lord said that in the last days there will be signs

in the heavens and on the earth.

Earth Sign: Crop circles. I listened to a lady on a late night

radio show that studies the crop circles. She said that at first, circles

appeared in the wheat fields. Then as time went they became more

complex as if taking orders from some devine source, the wheat just lies

down on command, without one stalk being broken.

Signs in the heavens:

Strange lights, ufo sightings, fire balls in the sky.

Sept, 1989 hurricane hugo crashes to shore. A picture was taken of a man in

a white robe, riding in the hurricane and shown on the news. Everyone at my job was talking

about it. What power and glory the lord showed when he did this feat!.

Also in the last days people's attitudes will change. "For people will become proud, braggers,

lovers of themselves rather than lovers of God.

For the tounge is one of the smallest members of the body, but yet it boasts of

great things!

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