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Law of Land Warfare

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Be forewarned, this is very graphic and should be "viewed by mature audiences only". When I came across this I was sent into a moment of deep thinking and analyses. The reason I wanted to post this is to show another side of the conflict, and how we as humans think during such dramatic times.

And it also gave me a chill, God Bless all in this conflict and may the news we awake to be day-

(Mods, I will understand if this is to strong of a reality to be posted here.)

Edit: link removed

You will not find this on the news you view.

Journey - You are correct, the video is in my opinion far too graphic for it to be allowed on the forum. There's nothing more inticing to a youngster than to be told not to click on something because of its content, they'll flock to it like flies. This is one 'attrocity' they'll have to find elsewhere, its just not suitable for this format. However, I'll admit to there being a certain amount of bias in my decision, so I have IM'd the link to SaRuMaN's attention, leaving it up to him to decide whether to allow it to remain. Magikman

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geez, i'm gonna take all that back after watching that video

They shot a wounded iraqi soldier in what seems like the ending moments of a short battle, nothing wrong with that. Whats wrong with the Soldiers cheering? The Iraqi soldier most likely minutes before was trying to kill them...

This is WAR people, aside from seeing them shoot and kill a wounded iraqi soldier who is about 50 or so meters away (by the looks of it) we don't see the context of what happened prior to the scene. Where are the sites showing the Iraqi Soldiers hiding behind White Flags and then opening fire when the US Soldiers come to capture them.

RIDDLE: Like, man, you guys are dead now, you know. But it was a good feeling

RIDDLE: I mean, afterwards you're like, hell, yeah, that was awesome. Let's do it again

Perhaps if they didn't edit he comments i would maybe have been a little worried, but it seems to me that both comments come from distinctly different moments the interview which would make believe they've done a little selective editing to push whatever agenda it is that they are pushing.

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