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Saddam Hussein...Captured!


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Do you think Bush earned another term with this discovery? I think it's great that Saddam has been caught and definitely confirmed.

BAGHDAD, Iraq - U.S. troops captured Saddam Hussein in a raid near the ousted Iraqi leader's hometown of Tikrit, the head of the U.S. administration in Iraq said Sunday.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we got him," L. Paul Bremer told a news conference.

Yahoo News Article

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Posted Images

Source..BBC NEWS

Tony Blair has hailed the capture of Saddam Hussein, saying it removes a "shadow" from the people of Iraq.

The UK prime minister said Iraq's former dictator should be tried in the courts in his home country.

Other British politicians have also said the capture was "wonderful" for the Iraqi people and the coalition.

US special forces are understood to have captured Saddam on Saturday after finding him in a cellar near his home town of Tikrit wearing a false beard.

'Good news'

Mr Blair said: "I pay tribute to the work of the coalition intelligence and military forces in capturing him.

"This is very good news for the people of Iraq - it removes the shadow that has been hanging over them for too long of the nightmare of a return to the Saddam regime.

"This fear is now removed."

Conservative leader Michael Howard said: "This is truly excellent news and I congratulate everyone involved in the pursuit and capture of Saddam Hussein.

"We must all hope that this will bring real peace in Iraq very much closer."

Liberal Democrat leader Charles Kennedy said the capture was a "positive step in the right direction".

"He could be now put in front, in due course, of an international court to be dealt with appropriately."

'Wonderful Christmas present'

UK European Commissioner Neil Kinnock said the arrest would mean "absolute unreserved celebration for me and for millions of others".

The former Labour leader told Sky News it was good news for Iraq, and would have a "significant" impact on the debate over whether the war was right.

For people terrorised by Saddam's regime for over 30 years this brings some kind of closure to the whole terrible episode

Labour MP Ann Clwyd

Labour MP Ann Clwyd, Mr Blair's special representative to Iraq, said the arrest was a "wonderful Christmas present".

"Certainly for the people of Iraq it is terrific news because they needed to know that Saddam was not going to come back in any shape or form," she told Sky News.

"That has always been the fear, that he would regain power again so that is fantastic news.

"And for people terrorised by Saddam's regime for over 30 years this brings some kind of closure to the whole terrible episode."

Ms Clwyd said taking out Saddam would help improve the security situation by persuading his supporters there was nothing left to fight for.

"They will now know with their leader captured that they are never going to come back," she said.

'Inflame resistance'

"I hope this will put an end to some of the violence."

But MP George Galloway, kicked out of the Labour party in October after a television interview in which he fiercely condemned military action in Iraq, was sceptical that it would change any critics' mind.

Speaking from Egypt, he told BBC News 24: "It might be seized upon by the prime minister as something to laugh about, but I very much doubt if it will be the last laugh, because the truth is the country was taken into the war on the basis of a lie.

"This will not stop the Iraqi resistance... if anything, it may set the resistance free, if you like, from the cloud of Saddam Hussein, and transform it into a purely national resistance movement without the charge that it's being controlled from behind by the deposed president."

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It was announced today that the capture of Saddam Hussein has been confirmed.

Paul Bremer, the US administrator for Iraq made the announcement at a news conference today.

Hussein was found hiding in a hole in the cellar of a building 15 miles south of his home town of Tikrit.

Hussein was said to be "talkative" since his capture and in good health.

His identity was also confirmed by a DNA test.

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Posted (IP: Staff) ·

Merged all the threads started about this together into a single topic. original.gif

Excellent news to hear that Saddam has finally been captured.

Perhaps now the people of Iraq will be able to finally put both Saddam and the horrors of his regime, firmly behind them.

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Yes.. Saddam looked so old! he could keep a laptop in his beard!


Glad that he's finally caught,let's just see what kind of punishment he'll be receiving. devil.gif

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I only hope that the US bring him to the international court and not to the Legal Limbo of Guantanamo....

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I heard he tried to fool the American soldiers at first by bellowing a loud "Ho! Ho! Ho!", but that they didn't fall for it.

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I heard he tried to fool the American soldiers at first by bellowing a loud "Ho! Ho! Ho!", but that they didn't fall for it.


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I heard he tried to fool the American soldiers at first by bellowing a loud "Ho! Ho! Ho!", but that they didn't fall for it.

I so love your sense of humor!!!!! grin2.gifthumbsup.gifkiss.gifblush.gif

Back to topic............ May I say? YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

Information is beginning to filter through now. The TRIAL, according to the Iraqi Council will be PUBLIC, in IRAQ.

The beard was not fake.

Saddam is described as:

Sanchez, who saw Saddam overnight, said the deposed leader ''has been cooperative and is talkative.'' He described Saddam as ''a tired man, a man resigned to his fate.''

The Iraqi Council has been having a news conference. It seems Saddam is also being a tad "arrogant".........

President Bush to address The United States at 12:00 PM, EST

One more time? YAHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

God Bless all of those who have suffered under this Tyrant.... and those from throughout the world have given the ultimate sacrifice.

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its a party for me tongue.gif  grin2.gif

Sweetie? I'm sure it IS a party for you!!! I am sitting here with tears running down my cheeks for those whom were so affected by this inhumane human.

For today, at least, I hope the comments here on UM can be directed in a positive direction so we may all simply enjoy the beauty of the day. No political debates, no Bush bashing, no USA bashing....... just revel in the glory of what has been accomplished!

Benjo Koolzooie Posted on Dec 14 2003, 10:40 AM

  What will be the method of death? 

Benjo? To me it was amazing NO SHOTS were fired in Saddam's capture. His method of demise will never be enough to "payback" his insanity and crimes against humanity. Just be very grateful he is under coalition "protection".........

No death will be slow enough. Just smile for now!

Nancy thumbsup.gif

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What will be the method of death?

Will death be his punishment?

Would'nt the "let him rot in a cold, dark prison" method be more appropriate?

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U.S.: 'We got him'

Coalition captures Saddam, 'talkative,' in raid near Tikrit

Sunday, December 14, 2003 Posted: 10:47 AM EST (1547 GMT)

user posted image

TIKRIT, Iraq (CNN) -- After nine months of scurrying from house to house, Saddam Hussein appeared to be a tired, resigned man who offered no resistance when U.S. troops extracted him from a hole in a rural farmhouse Saturday night, coalition officials said .

L. Paul Bremer, head of the Coalition Provisional Authority, announced Sunday morning, "Ladies and gentlemen, we got him."

The audience responded with cheers, and Iraqis took to Baghdad streets dancing, doling out candy and firing rifles into the air. But in Tikrit -- Saddam's ancestral hometown and a base of loyalty to him -- the streets were quiet.

President Bush will address the nation at noon Sunday about the capture of Saddam. (Full story)

Coalition video showed the ventilated "spider hole" six to eight feet underground where Saddam was hiding with two other men, who have not yet been identified. The video showed Saddam with graying hair and a long beard, undergoing a medical examination after his capture.

Several Iraqi journalists stood up and shouted "Death to Saddam" after the video was shown.

"I'm very happy for the Iraqi people. Life is going to be safer now," 35-year-old Yehya Hassan, a resident of Baghdad, told The Associated Press. "Now we can start a new beginning."

And in Kirkuk, Mustapha Sheriff told The Associated Press, "We are celebrating like it's a wedding. We are finally rid of that criminal." (Full story)

The 66-year-old longtime Iraqi leader was No. 1 on the coalition's 55 most wanted list, and his evasion has been a political sore spot for the U.S. administration. (Saddam profile)

Raid in rural town

Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez, who leads coalition troops in Iraq, said the former leader was uninjured, "talkative and cooperative," after 4th Infantry Division and Special Operations forces nabbed him in Operation Red Dawn.

"Today is a great day for the Iraqi people and the coalition," Sanchez said.

About 600 4th Infantry Division soldiers and Special Operations forces conducted the raid in Adwar, near a compound of ramshackle buildings, about 9 miles outside Saddam's hometown of Tikrit, on Saturday night.

The raid was based on intelligence that Saddam was at a particular location in the area, the officials said. Forces arrived at the location within three hours of receiving a tip from an Iraqi, and Saddam had no time to move.

The U.S. forces moved easily into the area where there were no security forces to protect the ousted leader.

Saddam, thin, dirty and hiding in the cellar of mud hut, willingly identified himself to interpreters. He was wearing a white T-shirt, dark trousers and a long-sleeved dark shirt.

U.S. forces found weapons and about $750,000 in U.S. $100 bills with the former dictator, Sanchez said, along with two AK-47s, a pistol and a white and orange taxi.

Exclusive CNN video shot following that raid, showed a group of U.S.-led coalition soldiers patting each other on the back -- apparently in celebration -- and taking group photos in front of a military vehicle.

Sanchez said Operation Red Dawn targeted two locations and troops began a "cordon and search" operation when they failed to find Saddam initially. The ventilated "spider hole," its entrance camouflaged with bricks and dirt was near one of the locations.

"He was a tired man," the general said. "Also, I think, a man resigned to his fate."

Sanchez said the hole where forces found Saddam was wide enough for a man to lie down in, with a fan and a air hole.

Preparing for retaliation

Adnan Pachaci, a member of the Iraqi Governing Council, said Saddam would be tried for his crimes against Iraqis, and would be tried by Iraqis.

"The terrorist, Saddam Hussein, the biggest terrorist on earth, has been arrested," said Hamid Ali al-Kifaey. "He will be tried before a special court in Iraq soon. With his arrest the Iraqi people will begin a new life, and hopefully they will have a democratic and pluralistic system and no more mass graves, and no more Saddam Hussein and no more terrorism."

A senior U.S. official told CNN's Dana Bash in Washington that Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld told President Bush on Saturday afternoon (EST) of the capture.

The Iraq war began on March 19 when U.S. forces launched a "decapitation attack" aimed at the Iraqi president and other top members of the country's leadership.

Hours after the capture -- but before it was announced -- a car bomb exploded outside an Iraqi police station in Khaldiyah, killing at least 10 Iraqis and wounding 20 others, most of them policemen, U.S. officials said. Iraqi officials reported a higher casualty toll.

"Do I expect an increase in retaliation?" as a result of Saddam's capture, Sanchez asked. "I don't know. I couldn't answer that, but I will tell you we are prepared, and we will defeat those elements if they choose to attack us at any point in time."

CNN Senior Military Affairs Correspondent Jamie McIntyre and CNN Baghdad Bureau Chief Jane Arraf contributed to this report.


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What can I say...but KICK ASS USA!!!

Thank God, Oh btw anyone hear about the Time magazine article that holds confirmation that the insurgents have access to chem weapons and all they need to use them is a means of delivery?

Heard it on NPR I did....WE ROCK. thumbsup.gifsasmokin.gifgunsmilie.gifthumbup.gifclap.gifnotworthy.gif

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We should give him to the Kurds. They just might be able to come up with something to do with him devil.gif

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NIce to see he is gone . I wonder what effect this will actually have on the war .

Ps . Shouldn't this be in "Front Page News"

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well i doubt he will be given any death penalties seeing as he will go to a international courte also that means no death penalties allowed seing as most people don't have them now, and increasing amounts are dropping them.

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We should give him to the Kurds. They just might be able to come up with something to do with him devil.gif

LOL, that's probably the best idea ever. It saves bullet at the same time notworthy.gif

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The best way would be to let him rot in one of those cold toture chambers that so many of his victims suffered. That said nearly all iraqis want him dead inc. the family that live in my street.

By the way in that part of the world its common for people to be beheaded though i dont know if the world would look to keenly on that even if he deserves it.

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