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Brazil urge EU to lift BioFuel Tariffs


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Sorry Feanor, I made an unfair generalisation there. Especially since much of the deforestation across the world has been prompted by the demand for cheap food products in the west. We are as much if not more to blame. And I know that many people in Brazil and elsewhere are doing a better job than us in Britain at fighting deforestation where it's a mostly overlooked and ignored problem these days :(

But it concerns me that some tropical countries could end up causing more climatic damage to their own countries as a result of the west's desire to curb its own impact on climate change. Biofuels in my opinion are a very short sighted and inefficient solution to a complex problem.

Deforestation may be playing a much bigger role in regional climate change than most people are aware of - indeed it may have global implications. So I'm naturally opposed to anything that might lead to more deforestation.

I understand Essan. I think that biofuel has god chances to be a great solution to help diminish pollution. And I agree with you, that deforesting should not take place to sustain de demand of this fuel. Deforestation should not happen at all. Some posts before, I said that before introducing biofuel into the world market, we must create laws, to ensure that no damage to the environment will be done while producing this fuel. Yesterday, was aired here in Brazil, a program discussing exactly this point and there is already a project being developed by some of the real good politicians to put this in practice. It is no doubt that Brazil will face problems. This is biodiesel program is not interesting to Venezuela, nor for Bolivia and also, other oil producers also may think they will have problems, but it is not what will happen. No fuel can take place of petroleum-based fuels. A least not now but who know when the natural reservoirs deplete…

Ps, sorry for the previous post if I sounded impolite… it was not my intention.


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Well, the problem is, the way I see it, that while people of course want to eat, a lot of people think: "hey, I can get much more cash if I start growing crops for fuel only (it pays more to do so, currently)". So, as more and more people start to do this, it has a direct effect on the amount of food crops produced: it diminishes, which in turn means less food. The people who switch to growing fuel crops only get more income, and in their eyes they get more food, so to speak. So, as the the production of food crops would diminish, their price would go up (a direct result of a reduction in supply). So now we've got less food that costs more. And who has the clout to buy it? That's right, the 1st world countries. I'm not saying it's a fact that this will happen if we really start to take advantage of biofuels, but it is a plausible scenario.

In my view, biofuels should be taken an advantage of to an extent. I think you agree with me on this. But I think we should concentrate more on 'leftover' biomass, like corn husks etc. Breweries, for example, produce a lot of biowaste in their production processes; that could easily be turned into energy. Wood chips from forest industry, things of that nature. Not so much growing crops for fuel; arable land is, after all, limited. But like you said, biofuels aren't the ultimate solution for a source of energy.

As for wikipedia...I'd say it's a relatively reliable source. First of all, most of its articles have sources and if they don't, there's a notification. Second, the articles are, as far as I know, constantly being reviewed by people, and they are usually quickly fixed if someone adds false information there. Third, there have been various studies which indicate that it indeed is a relatively good, reliable source of information.

But people are assuming that biofuel will be produce taking advantage of a non controlled production as you have described above and this is unlike to happen. Course there is always those who will not respect laws, etc but no all. And yes, they intend to use corn husks, sugarcane waste (don’t know how to define this in English, sorry!) and other vegetable materials. Also, castor oil plant, this grows everywhere here and can be used to produce biodiesel. To tell the truth, they made the first one with castor oil plants. ;)

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well it seems that no one cares about this kind of subjects,what a pity,because the world should be care about the future,and not only about wars and middle east and bush/usa.

I think that UE should support this commerce of biodiesel from Brasil and forget the oil from Middle East.

Not really, they are trying to protect their own investments. In Germany they are building one of the worlds largest bio-diesel plants (gas to liquid) in the world. They don't want competitors before paying off their investment.

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One of the priorities of the Portuguese Presidence in the EU is to make the production of Biodiesel from Brazil possible to bring it to Europe.

Brazil can be a powerful nation like EUA or China "IF" the governments want it,its like Angola,which is a country full of wealth but intact.

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