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Spider Man Teaser now available!

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moe eubleck

ughh. That Toby Mcgyire whatever his name is kid is such a wimpy spiderman!

Besides, in the comic books, spider man had a sarcastic wit about him. Toby? No way. He always has this "deer in the headlights" expression.

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Pious Augustus

WOOHOO!!! I cant wait til it comes out!

and yes Spiderman/Peter Parker is pretty sarcastic in the comics and the first film did show a bit of it, but i think its up to the writers and not Tobey Maguire to incoroporate it in this film...

I just saw this trailer on the big screen for the first time and I am super excited! but I guess in the theater I was in, there were no comic fans, because I was left to do the slow clap by myself! rolleyes.gif come on people! show some kind of reaction! tongue.gif

it was the same for the Punisher trailer and by the time Harry Potter came on, I just completely gave up... disgust.gif

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