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A look at dowsing

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user posted image rAnthony North: One supposition of paranormality often ignored is its relationship to the environment. The paranormal is thought of as a human practice, involving interactions with humans, sometimes alive and sometimes dead.

Yet there is a wealth of evidence that paranormal talents extend beyond the mere human and also have a close relationship with the environment. And nowhere is this better expressed than in Dowsing.

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Ofcourse there is something to it. LIke the article said the Oil companies would pay good money to find the oil. James Randi is a showmen himself so you cannot believe everything he says or does.

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I dowsed for metallic objects in the ground years ago, in the early 70s, when I was about 16.

My father claimed it could be done.

Of course, me being a know-it-all lad of 16 I swore it was impossible. (Some would charge I'm now a know-it-all grump of 52).

My father claimed that at work, as a construction electrician, he dowsed to find buried conduit, containing an electrical line.

I wouldn't believe him.

Well, a little while later Dad appeared from his basement workshop with a couple of lengths of BRASS welding rod bent into an L-shape.

He led me into the backyard, where he grasped the short end of the rod in each hand. The long ends stuck out in front of him.

These he held out straight, then began walking across the yard.

For no discernible reason, the two rods swung together at one point.

He placed a small rock at his feet to mark the spot.

Then he moved to the other side of the yard, turned around, and began walking across the yard again. About 6 feet from the rock, the rods swung together again.

Again, he marked the spot with a rock.

Ultimately, he must have crossed the yard 20 times, and each time he placed a small rock on the spot.

A pattern became apparent: he was locating the sewer pipe --- complete with a 90-degree turn --- feet below the surface!

And no, he had no map to cheat. We didn't know the pipe took a 90-degree turn until that day.

Then, inexplicably, he had a hit in the yard away from the pattern of the pipe.

We dug around a bit and found a scrap of aluminum foil, long forgotten, a couple inches below the grass.

And still, I found it hard to believe.

Later, I tried it myself in the front yard --- and with rocks marked the route of the water pipe that came into the house.

I also found a bottlecap inches under the grass, so old it was rusty and not a speck of paint remained.

I can't explain it. Some would claim a form of magnetism but I hasten to point out that magnetism works with ferrous metals, like iron, and not non-ferrous metals like brass rod and aluminum foil.

Yet, this form of dowsing seemed to find any and all metal.

Dad told me that other workers had tried it and it was found that it worked for some, and not for others. Apparently, you must have the right "vibrations" or whatever for it to work.

I know it worked for me when I was 16.

I haven't tried it since then, 36 years ago, so I don't know if I still have the knack.

But I know what I saw. And what I saw amazed me.

Since then, I'm a believer in dowsing.

Now, I don't know if you can dowse for a specific metal such as gold or silver, but dowsing for water is well documented.

And if you don't believe me, sacrifice a couple of coat hangers and bend them into an L-shape.

Hold the short end of one in each hand, put them straight ahead of you, and take a walk across the yard or nearby park.

I can't guarantee it will work for you, but some of you may be pleasantly surprised.

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^ Wow, I never heard of dowsing metal, but I know my father can dowse water. When I was young, he was able to pinpoint wells for neighbors to dig and pipe for housing. He also struck an underground spring, in which, today it's now a small stream. I never really tried to see if I a was able to locate/detect water using dowsing methods. Would be fun if I could though!

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