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Nature & Environment

Lizards demonstrate evolution in action

By T.K. Randall
September 9, 2010 · Comment icon 2 comments

Image Credit: D. Gordon E. Robertson
A variety of skink has gone from laying eggs to live births giving scientists a unique glimpse of change in action.
The skink which lives in New South Wales previously only ever laid eggs however has now been seen giving birth to live young. The find gives scientists a rare chance to observe the transition from one to the other.
There are only two other types of modern reptiles which use both types of reproduction methods – another skink species and a European lizard. One in five snakes and lizards gives birth to live young, with records showing nearly a hundred reptile lineages have changed from egg-laying in the past.

Source: Daily Mail | Comments (2)

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Comment icon #1 Posted by Druidus-Logos 12 years ago
The link on the front page doesn't lead to an actual topic, but it's very interesting anyway. Read the article by looking for the Skink Evolution news article on the main page, and post in here for now, as there is no other place to do so in response to the article. It's really quite amazing. Switching from eggs to live birth fast enough for researchers to observe the transition. LOL, and religitypes have claimed that no major changes occur, only small changes can happen with DNA mutations, like skin colour or eye colour, or size. Well, that's been blown out of the water. This is a MAJOR evolu... [More]
Comment icon #2 Posted by Still Waters 12 years ago
The link on the front page doesn't lead to an actual topic, but it's very interesting anyway. Sorry, I don't know what happened there. It's fixed now

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