Sunday, September 25, 2022
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Science & Technology

3D-printed shoe 'Cryptide' leaves behind Bigfoot tracks

 VIDEO  9-11-2022 | 1

A German designer has developed a rather unusual shoe that can be put together using 3D-printed parts.

Science & Technology

Scientists develop light-based 'replicator'

 VIDEO  2-3-2019 | 4

A new type of 3D printer is able to materialize whole objects at once using light and a synthetic resin.

Space & Astronomy

Orion will use over 100 3D-printed components

4-18-2018 | 1

Several parts of NASA's deep-space Orion capsule will be created through the use of 3D printing technology.

Science & Technology

Blue tarantulas lead to color breakthrough

2-9-2017 | 2

The unusual hue of certain tarantulas has been helping scientists develop vibrant new 3D-printed colors.

Science & Technology

3D-printed bionic hand wins Dyson prize

 VIDEO  8-27-2015 | 7

A new, inexpensive 3D-printed bionic hand could be the key to making prosthetic limbs affordable to all.

Space & Astronomy

ESA plans to 3D print a base on the moon

 VIDEO  11-7-2014 | 14

The European Space Agency has outlined its concept for a habitable moon base built by an automated robot.

Science & Technology

Will we soon be buying 3D printed shoes ?

9-13-2014 | 5

Difficulties finding a pair of new shoes that fit perfectly could soon be a thing of the past.

Science & Technology

3D printing to enter the metal age

10-15-2013 | 9

An ambitious new project aims to use 3D printing technology to produce objects made out of metal.

Space & Astronomy

Can we 3D print a base on the Moon ?

2-3-2013 | 13

Designs have been revealed for a building that can be set up on the Moon using 3D printing technology.

Space & Astronomy

Could spacecraft build themselves ?

9-17-2012 | 7

NASA is exploring the possibility of using 3D printing technology to help build spacecraft.

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