Monday, May 17, 2021
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Lost Einstein letter links physics and biology
Category: Science & Technology | Posted on 5-13-2021 | 0 comments
A newly unearthed letter from the celebrated physicist cements just how ahead of his time he actually was.

Australian woman wakes up with Irish accent
Category: Bizarre | Posted on 5-12-2021 | 13 comments
A woman from Australia who underwent tonsil surgery woke up to find that her accent had completely changed.

Oldest human burial in Africa found in Kenya
Category: Palaeontology | Posted on 5-7-2021 | 5 comments
Archaeologists have unearthed a child who was buried at Panga ya Saidi cave almost 80,000 years ago.

Humans could one day evolve venom glands
Category: Natural World | Posted on 4-1-2021 | 16 comments
Scientists believe that our salivary glands have the potential to evolve the ability to produce deadly venom.

Rural Australia hit by biblical plague of mice
Category: Natural World | Posted on 3-19-2021 | 6 comments
Rural farms and towns in New South Wales have been dealing with the worst plague of mice in decades.

Snake found inside girl's asthma inhaler
Category: Bizarre | Posted on 3-10-2021 | 6 comments
Snake catchers in Australia were recently called to remove a snake from the unlikeliest of places.

MH370 evidence prompts calls for new search
Category: Modern Mysteries | Posted on 3-9-2021 | 4 comments
A new analysis of debris from the airliner has suggested that it had entered a 'death dive' before crashing.

Photographs of alleged live thylacines released
Category: Cryptozoology | Posted on 3-1-2021 | 73 comments
Trail camera images of an alleged 'thylacine family' have been revealed, but not everyone is convinced.

Gargantuan moth is larger than woman's hand
Category: Natural World | Posted on 2-27-2021 | 10 comments
A woman in Australia recently captured photographs of a moth so huge that it exceeded the size of her hand.

'Thylacine family' photographed in Tasmania?
Category: Cryptozoology | Posted on 2-23-2021 | 73 comments
A Tasmanian tiger enthusiast has announced that he will be releasing three tantalizing new images on March 1st.

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Displaying results 0 - 10 of 597
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