Thursday, June 30, 2022
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Science & Technology

'Ice tsunami' thunders ashore on Lake Erie

 VIDEO  2-27-2019 | 4

Huge chunks of ice thrust ashore by strong winds have been forming walls up to 40ft high near Buffalo.


Couple share their home with a 2500lb buffalo

 VIDEO  2-15-2017 | 19

Texas couple Ronnie and Sherron Bridges have a rather unusual pet - a huge buffalo named Wild Thing.

Science & Technology

Edible insects are a very good source of iron

11-13-2016 | 12

Suffering from iron deficiency ? Try dining on a few cooked grasshoppers, crickets and buffalo worms.

Science & Technology

Scientists succeed in making their own lava

 VIDEO  6-29-2016 | 6

A team from the State University of New York at Buffalo created their own magma as part of an experiment.


Highly prized buffalo is worth $12 million

4-24-2016 | 8

A genetically perfect buffalo named Horizon is the most sought-after member of his species on the planet.

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