Tuesday, October 26, 2021
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16 million-year-old tardigrade found in amber

10-6-2021 | 5

The microscopic specimen was found trapped inside a lump of amber dating back to the Miocene epoch.

Science & Technology

'World's loneliest tree' records new epoch

2-21-2018 | 5

A solitary tree on an island in New Zealand may hold the key to determining the beginning of the Anthropocene.

Science & Technology

Did the Anthropocene epoch begin in 1950 ?

8-29-2016 | 9

Scientists now believe that the Holocene epoch may have come to a close several decades ago.

Science & Technology

Has Earth entered the Anthropocene epoch ?

10-18-2014 | 41

Scientists have been debating whether the Holocene epoch should now give way to the Anthropocene.

Space & Astronomy

Early 'habitable epoch' universe proposed

3-2-2014 | 19

One Harvard astronomer believes that we may have fundamentally misunderstood our place in the universe.

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