Monday, October 25, 2021
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Modern Mysteries

Divers search shipwreck for the Amber Room

9-9-2021 | 1

A dive team has been exploring the wreck of a sunken German warship in search of Russia's long-lost treasure.


Dozens develop tics from Tourette's videos

9-5-2021 | 9

A psychiatrist in Germany became suspicious when dozens of patients turned up with identical symptoms.

Science & Technology

Mystery cube points to Nazi nuclear program

8-25-2021 | 10

Scientists are close to proving that a cube of uranium was part of Germany's secret WWII nuclear program.


84-year-old German had WW2 tank in his cellar

7-27-2021 | 20

Lawyers are currently negotiating penalties for a German man who was storing 'weapons of war' in his cellar.

Space & Astronomy

1953 von Braun book references 'Elon' on Mars

7-16-2021 | 33

A book written 70 years ago by German rocket scientist Wernher von Braun made a rather striking prediction.


Pandemic inspires 1,200 bizarre German words

3-7-2021 | 5

Events over the last 12 months have spawned a whole plethora of weird and wonderful words and phrases.

Modern Mysteries

German Enigma machine found in the Baltic Sea

12-6-2020 | 2

Divers searching for fishing nets have uncovered one of the infamous code machines used during World War II.


Hangovers are an 'illness', German court rules

 VIDEO  9-27-2019 | 22

A court dealing with a case against an anti-hangover drinks company has ruled that hangovers are an 'illness'.


8-year-old steals parents' car twice in one week

8-24-2019 | 12

A young driving fan from Germany ended up crashing after repeatedly taking his parents' car out on a joyride.


City offers $1.1M for proof that it doesn't exist

8-23-2019 | 20

A group in Bielefeld, Germany is offering a hefty cash prize to anyone who can prove that the city doesn't exist.


Video shows giant hailstones pelting Germany

 VIDEO  6-11-2019 | 5

The Munich region of Germany was hammered by hailstones the size of tennis balls earlier this week.

Science & Technology

German physicists to tackle EmDrive mystery

6-10-2019 | 11

Scientists in Germany have built a measurement device to determine if the enigmatic EmDrive actually works.


'Holy Spirit' saves German driver from fine

5-28-2019 | 1

A driver captured on a speed camera in Germany had their identity hidden by a rather timely dove.


German tourists try to lure Nessie with Haribo

 VIDEO  5-24-2019 | 20

A bizarre new trend has seen tourists throwing Haribo sweets in to Loch Ness to try and lure the monster.

Modern Mysteries

Germany gripped by crossbow deaths mystery

5-13-2019 | 15

German police investigating three crossbow deaths have discovered two more bodies hundreds of miles away.


Factory spills liquid chocolate all over the road

 VIDEO  12-12-2018 | 13

Firefighters in the town of Werl in Germany were tasked with cleaning up a huge chocolate spill earlier this week.


Fossilized ichthyosaur has skin and blubber

12-6-2018 | 8

The 180 million-year-old specimen was originally discovered at Holzmaden quarry in Germany.


Jurassic piranhas roamed prehistoric waters

10-19-2018 | 3

A fossil belonging to one of the world's earliest known flesh-eating fish has been unearthed in Germany.


Germany has no plan in the event of ET contact

8-19-2018 | 124

The German government has 'no plans or protocol' to deal with the possibility of contact with extraterrestrials.


Two intoxicated hedgehogs rescued in Germany

6-20-2018 | 5

The curious spiny mammals had ended up drunk after sampling a bottle of eggnog that someone had dropped.

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