Sunday, October 17, 2021
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Science & Technology

Tesla's new robot - is it really a good idea ?

9-8-2021 | 9

Will Tesla's new humanoid robot actually benefit society in the long run or are we heading for disaster ?

Science & Technology

Tesla is building a robot named Optimus

8-21-2021 | 6

Elon Musk's electric car company has branched out into developing autonomous, humanoid robots.


Weird Jharkhand 'alien' video emerges online

 VIDEO  6-1-2021 | 34

Footage showing a strange, thin humanoid entity walking on a road has attracted a lot of attention on social media.


Crab-like 'humanoid' appears in weird footage

 VIDEO  4-25-2021 | 59

A strange, scuttling 'humanoid' has been recorded in a video that has been doing the rounds this week.

Modern Mysteries

Woman captures 'small humanoid' on camera

2-28-2021 | 57

Mellisa Braham had been out walking her dog last week when she photographed something very strange.


'Giant' allegedly captured on camera in Mexico

5-27-2020 | 57

Residents of Mexico's San Luis Potosi region reportedly claim to have witnessed a very large humanoid creature.


Tulsa 'Bigfoot' was part of a safety campaign

4-7-2020 | 26

A large hairy humanoid sighted in the Turkey Mountain area has turned out to be a man wearing a costume.

The UFO Phenomenon

Video footage of 'flying humanoid' emerges

 VIDEO  3-29-2020 | 20

A strange video showing a vaguely human-like figure floating in the sky has recently appeared online.


New documentary to uncover Mothman mystery

 VIDEO  2-7-2020 | 15

'The Mothman Legacy' will explore the stories behind various sightings of the enigmatic winged humanoid.

Space & Astronomy

Russia's gun-toting robot flies to the ISS

 VIDEO  8-23-2019 | 14

The humanoid contraption was the only passenger aboard a Soyuz capsule that launched on Wednesday.


Human-like figure floats eerily over California

 VIDEO  5-19-2019 | 38

Peculiar video footage has emerged showing a vaguely humanoid shape floating across the sky over Burbank.

Science & Technology

Toyota robot can now be controlled remotely

 VIDEO  12-2-2018 | 5

Toyota's remarkably impressive T-HR31 humanoid robot can now be controlled by an operator six miles away.

Science & Technology

Boston Dynamics robot can now do parkour

 VIDEO  10-12-2018 | 19

Forget trying to run away - this sophisticated humanoid contraption can now bound up and over obstacles.

Science & Technology

Eerie human-like robot turns out to be a fake

8-20-2018 | 9

A video showing a life-like humanoid robot walking up a driveway has been causing quite a stir online recently.

Science & Technology

Terminator-like robot can now chase after you

 VIDEO  5-13-2018 | 10

Boston Dynamics' humanoid robot Atlas is now able to run and jump outside without being tethered to anything.

Science & Technology

Humanoid robot is now able to do backflips

 VIDEO  11-18-2017 | 22

Thanks to its latest upgrade, Boston Dynamics' Atlas robot is now capable of performing gymnastics.

Science & Technology

NASA reveals new footage of its Valkyrie robot

 VIDEO  6-18-2017 | 11

The futuristic humanoid contraption is being designed to operate autonomously on the surface of Mars.

Science & Technology

Bio-hybrid robots could grow human organs

3-2-2017 | 4

Special humanoid robots could soon be used to help grow replacement skin, bones and organs for patients.


Dog walker encounters robot in the woods

 VIDEO  7-18-2016 | 12

A woman had been out walking her dog when she came across Boston Dynamics' latest humanoid creation.

Science & Technology

Humanoid robot is preparing to go in to space

 VIDEO  5-5-2016 | 15

Known as Valkyrie, the NASA robot could help to set up a colony ahead of the first astronauts on Mars.

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