Monday, April 12, 2021
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Scientists discover key to huge locust swarms
Category: Natural World | Posted on 8-15-2020 | 7 comments
By identifying the chemical signal that triggers swarms to form, it may be possible to stop swarming entirely.

Millions of desert locusts descend on Africa
Category: Natural World | Posted on 1-26-2020 | 8 comments
A plague of locusts of biblical proportions has been devouring vast swathes of crops across east Africa.

Bolivia is under siege by a plague of locusts
Category: Natural World | Posted on 2-13-2017 | 1 comment
The South American country has declared a state of emergency following a mass influx of the insects.

Scientists to use locusts to sniff out bombs
Category: Science & Technology | Posted on 7-7-2016 | 1 comment
The migratory pests could end up being turned in to bomb-detection systems for use in war zones.

Turin Shroud DNA analysis results surprising
Category: Spirituality | Posted on 10-20-2015 | 54 comments
An analysis of dust particles retrieved from the shroud has uncovered plant DNA from all over the world.

Israelis feast on locust plague
Category: Natural World | Posted on 3-22-2013 | 32 comments
Some Israelis have found a novel new way to deal with the locust swarm - cooking and eating them.

Earrings made from the wings of insects
Category: Bizarre | Posted on 5-16-2011 | 10 comments
Sisters Susan and Sandy Smith have come up with an unusual business model - insect wing jewellery.

Locusts Invade 'Passion of Christ' Town
Category: Archived News | Posted on 8-26-2004 | 0 comments
It seemed like an invasion of Biblical proportions in the Italian town of Matera, the outdoor setting for Mel Gibson's film "The Passion of The Christ.

Why Do Locusts Swarm ?
Category: Archived News | Posted on 4-5-2004 | 1 comment
All over eastern Australia farmers are struggling to cope with great swarms of locusts.

'Biblical' Locust Plague Threatens Mideast
Category: Archived News | Posted on 3-4-2004 | 7 comments
With the Passover celebration just weeks away, a locust plague of biblical proportions could threaten parts of the Middle East and Africa, according to a United...

Displaying results 0 - 10 of 10
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