Sunday, October 17, 2021
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Modern Mysteries

Report dismisses Havana Syndrome theories

10-2-2021 | 5

A declassified report seems to dismiss the idea that Havana Syndrome is caused by microwave weapons.


CIA agents attacked by 'microwave weapon'

 VIDEO  10-25-2020 | 30

The alleged attack took place in Australia last year and has been blamed on Russian security service agents.


Dog turns on microwave, sets house on fire

12-3-2019 | 7

A dog that was left home alone in South-East England recently managed to set his owner's home ablaze.

Science & Technology

Why do grapes explode in the microwave ?

 VIDEO  2-20-2019 | 6

Scientists have been investigating a viral video that shows a halved grape erupting in to flames when microwaved.

Modern Mysteries

'Microwave weapons' suspected in Cuba attacks

 VIDEO  9-3-2018 | 11

Scientists now believe that microwave weapons were used in the recent attacks on US diplomats in Havana.


Man cements his own head inside a microwave

12-8-2017 | 35

A YouTube prankster had to be rescued by the fire service after his latest stunt went spectacularly wrong.


'Alien' signal turns out to be microwave oven

4-14-2015 | 47

Astronomers in Australia discovered an unexpected source for a series of mysterious radio signals.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Group investigates 'haunted' microwave

9-16-2014 | 54

A Kansas couple reported the appliance after experiencing a spate of strange occurrences.

Science & Technology

'Reverse microwave' invented

 VIDEO  10-27-2013 | 15

A new device has been developed that is able to chill wine and fizzy drinks in a matter of seconds.

Science & Technology

Researchers 'cloak' a 3-dimensional object

1-28-2012 | 6

New research has rendered a 3D object invisible to the microwave region of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Science & Technology

Space power zapped from space by lasers

11-10-2009 | 6

In an ambitious new project that could take over 20 years to complete Japan are aiming to collect solar power in orbit a...

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