Wednesday, December 2, 2020
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Revisited: the mystery of the A3 'ghost crash'
Category: Ghosts & Hauntings | Posted on 5-15-2020 | 8 comments
A chance sighting of a car accident by a member of the public spawned an urban legend that endures to this day.

Ghosts and UFOs abound on the M5 motorway
Category: Modern Mysteries | Posted on 3-24-2020 | 3 comments
Over the last 50 years, one of England's major roads has had its fair share of mysterious occurrences.

Britain's twelve most haunted roads revealed
Category: Ghosts & Hauntings | Posted on 10-21-2019 | 7 comments
Motoring experts have compiled a list of twelve sinister roadways with a penchant for paranormal activity.

8-year-old steals parents' car twice in one week
Category: Bizarre | Posted on 8-24-2019 | 12 comments
A young driving fan from Germany ended up crashing after repeatedly taking his parents' car out on a joyride.

Psychic is investigating 'haunted' motorway
Category: Ghosts & Hauntings | Posted on 9-17-2018 | 44 comments
One stretch of the M6 motorway in England has gained something of a haunted reputation in recent years.

Cow spotted in the back seat of a moving car
Category: Bizarre | Posted on 7-8-2018 | 15 comments
Police in South Wales have launched an investigation after images of the peculiar spectacle emerged online.

Tanker crash unleashes tidal wave of chocolate
Category: Bizarre | Posted on 5-10-2018 | 12 comments
A recent road accident in Poland saw a tanker truck full of liquid chocolate overturn, spilling its cargo everywhere.

Mystery surrounds black 'smoke vortex' UFOs
Category: The UFO Phenomenon | Posted on 7-14-2017 | 13 comments
A peculiar aerial phenomenon has been sighted in countries all across the world in recent years.

Mystery of 'ghost motorcycle' has been solved
Category: Modern Mysteries | Posted on 6-13-2017 | 11 comments
A puzzled motorist recently recorded footage of a riderless motorcycle cruising along a French motorway.

Five Celtic warriors unearthed in France
Category: Ancient Mysteries | Posted on 4-24-2013 | 10 comments
An Iron Age graveyard discovered in France is set to provide new insights in to the life of the Celts.

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Displaying results 0 - 10 of 19
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