Thursday, April 22, 2021
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Could octopuses one day take over the world ?
Category: Natural World | Posted on 3-12-2021 | 27 comments
It is a well known fact that the humble octopus is clever as far as animals go, but is there a limit to its potential?.

Octopus is filmed punching a fish in the face
Category: Natural World | Posted on 12-26-2020 | 7 comments
Octopuses and fish sometimes work together to find food, but this unlikely alliance doesn't always work out.

The strange case of the Pacific tree octopus
Category: Cryptozoology | Posted on 4-23-2020 | 9 comments
Back in 1998, Lyle Zapato launched a tongue-in-cheek campaign to save what he called the 'tree octopus'.

Scientist 'almost certain' that Europa hosts life
Category: Extraterrestrial | Posted on 2-8-2020 | 13 comments
A leading British space scientist maintains that Jupiter's icy moon is very likely to be home to alien organisms.

Giant squid may be intelligent, new study finds
Category: Natural World | Posted on 1-19-2020 | 9 comments
For the first time ever, scientists have successfully sequenced the genome of the elusive giant squid.

Fish farmers rescue eagle from giant octopus
Category: Natural World | Posted on 12-14-2019 | 14 comments
The struggling animals were recently encountered off the northwest tip of Canada's Vancouver Island.

'Tully Monster' is more mysterious than ever
Category: Palaeontology | Posted on 11-13-2019 | 8 comments
A bizarre prehistoric creature has long proven one of palaeontology's most inexplicable discoveries.

Sleeping octopus changes color as it 'dreams'
Category: Natural World | Posted on 3-12-2019 | 23 comments
Intriguing footage of a sleeping octopus has suggested that cephalopods may have some concept of dreaming.

Seal slaps kayaker in the face with an octopus
Category: Bizarre | Posted on 9-28-2018 | 14 comments
A kayaker in New Zealand got the shock of his life when a seal suddenly 'attacked' him in a very unexpected way.

Dr Octopus' robotic arms become a reality
Category: Science & Technology | Posted on 9-4-2018 | 1 comment
A Japanese scientist has developed a set of remotely controlled robotic arms that can be worn as a backpack.

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Displaying results 0 - 10 of 55
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