Sunday, April 18, 2021
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Police apprehend 'plague doctor' in Scotland
Category: Bizarre | Posted on 3-23-2021 | 12 comments
A man dressed in plague doctor attire has been seen hanging around various towns in the Falkirk area.

Rural Australia hit by biblical plague of mice
Category: Natural World | Posted on 3-19-2021 | 4 comments
Rural farms and towns in New South Wales have been dealing with the worst plague of mice in decades.

Druids called in to reverse ancient Irish 'curse'
Category: Modern Mysteries | Posted on 11-10-2020 | 5 comments
An Irish farmer who had been plagued by bad luck has blamed a 'curse' caused by a damaged standing stone.

ISS air leak finally traced using a tea bag
Category: Space & Astronomy | Posted on 10-17-2020 | 9 comments
The leak that has plagued the ISS for months has finally been found using a surprisingly low-tech item.

Plague victim burials hint at 'zombie' fears
Category: Ancient Mysteries | Posted on 9-7-2020 | 3 comments
New research suggests that some victims of the plague were buried face down to stop them rising from the dead.

Scientists discover key to huge locust swarms
Category: Natural World | Posted on 8-15-2020 | 7 comments
By identifying the chemical signal that triggers swarms to form, it may be possible to stop swarming entirely.

Eerie shadow figure captured on hotel CCTV
Category: Ghosts & Hauntings | Posted on 5-28-2020 | 69 comments
Footage captured earlier this month on a hotel CCTV camera seems to show a ghostly figure in a hallway.

'Plague doctor' terrifies residents in Hellesdon
Category: Bizarre | Posted on 4-28-2020 | 10 comments
Police in the UK are seeking an individual dressed in full plague doctor attire, complete with pointed 'beak' mask.

Family hears music, voices coming from walls
Category: Modern Mysteries | Posted on 2-24-2020 | 12 comments
An Illinois family has been plagued by what sound like radio broadcasts coming from their walls at night.

Haunted Michigan town 'was like living in hell'
Category: Ghosts & Hauntings | Posted on 2-22-2020 | 16 comments
A new TV series will explore cases of entire towns that have been incessantly plagued by paranormal activity.

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Displaying results 0 - 10 of 111
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