Monday, September 28, 2020
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Woman cuts off own hand for insurance payout
Category: Bizarre | Posted on 9-11-2020 | 18 comments
A woman has been charged with attempted fraud after severing her own hand solely to claim on her insurance.

Woman digs 35ft tunnel to rescue son from jail
Category: Bizarre | Posted on 8-8-2020 | 6 comments
A mother in Ukraine attempted to break her son out of jail by single-handedly digging an escape tunnel.

Pakistani 'spy' pigeon is captured by police
Category: Bizarre | Posted on 5-29-2020 | 12 comments
A pigeon carrying a 'coded message' was recently captured by authorities in India on suspicion of spying.

Woman goes blind after tattooing eyeballs black
Category: Bizarre | Posted on 2-29-2020 | 57 comments
A 25-year-old Polish model lost most of her eyesight after having a tattoo artist dye the whites of her eyes black.

Mystery as skeletons found with hands tied
Category: Modern Mysteries | Posted on 2-3-2020 | 9 comments
Archaeologists have confirmed the discovery of over 40 skeletons in shallow graves at a building site in England.

Real-life Pennywise faces jail time in Ukraine
Category: Bizarre | Posted on 12-21-2019 | 8 comments
A notorious prankster who has been terrifying random passers-by is now facing up to 5 years imprisonment.

Men jailed after unearthing $15M Viking treasure
Category: Ancient Mysteries | Posted on 11-24-2019 | 124 comments
Two metal detectorists in the UK have been jailed after trying to sell a $15M Viking hoard of gold and silver.

Are ghosts a sign that we live in a simulation ?
Category: Science & Technology | Posted on 11-21-2019 | 90 comments
Two scientists have put forward the intriguing yet disturbing notion that we may all be living in the Matrix.

Inmate who 'died' says he's served life sentence
Category: Bizarre | Posted on 11-12-2019 | 7 comments
A man who is in jail for murder maintains that he should be released because he 'died' and was resuscitated.

Man faces jail for using a live cat as a weapon
Category: Bizarre | Posted on 11-3-2019 | 9 comments
A Russian man could go to prison for five years for using a pet cat to attack a police officer.

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Displaying results 0 - 10 of 76
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