Tuesday, August 3, 2021
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'Bridgewater Triangle' to be made into a TV show
Category: Modern Mysteries | Posted on 9-1-2019 | 9 comments
A 200 square-mile region of southeastern Massachusetts has been a hotbed of strange occurrences for years.

New documentary to investigate Mothman
Category: Cryptozoology | Posted on 3-8-2019 | 14 comments
'Terror in the Skies' will explore stories of strange winged creatures in the US including the legendary Mothman.

'Live pterosaur' filmed flying over Idaho
Category: Cryptozoology | Posted on 9-18-2015 | 70 comments
A recently released video claims to show what looks like a dinosaur flying over the United States.

Huge pterodactyl was too large to fly
Category: Palaeontology | Posted on 11-11-2012 | 27 comments
Quetzalcoatlus might have had wings but it was so large that it wouldn't have been able to take off.

Pterodactyl missing link found
Category: Palaeontology | Posted on 10-14-2009 | 1 comment
A fossil hailed to be the missing link in how pterosaur dinosaurs evolved from small bird-size creatures has been discovered, the fossil has a one metre wingspa...

UFO or pterodactyl over Argentinian lake?
Category: The UFO Phenomenon | Posted on 9-11-2009 | 54 comments
An unidentified object has been photographed by a fisherman over a lake in Argentina, the object is so unusual in its shape and appearance that theories range f...

Pterodactyl fossil reveals complex flight
Category: Palaeontology | Posted on 8-10-2009 | 5 comments
Studies of a pterodactyl fossil have shown that the creature had complex wing fibers that would have enabled it to fly with the same precision as modern birds.

Tiny dinosaur fossil is found in China
Category: Palaeontology | Posted on 2-14-2008 | 3 comments
As pterodactyls go it was small, toothless and had unexpectedly curved toes yet scientists are welcoming their new find as another piece in the puzzle of anci...

Pterodactyls found to come from eggs
Category: Palaeontology | Posted on 1-9-2005 | 15 comments
Pterodactyls, or "winged dinosaurs," were born from egg cells, according to new research by a Chinese professor.

Displaying results 0 - 9 of 9
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