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Space & Astronomy

What are these ghostly circles out in space ?

12-25-2020 | 13

Astronomers have been attempting to explain a strange phenomenon involving ghostly circular 'smoke rings'.

The UFO Phenomenon

Black ring sparks UFO reports at Disneyland

 VIDEO  3-16-2020 | 4

A curious ring of smoke floating high above Disneyland, California was picked up on camera earlier this month.

Modern Mysteries

Strange black smoke ring filmed over Pakistan

1-23-2020 | 22

This giant ring, which was spotted drifting up into the sky, has been the topic of some heated debate this week.

Space & Astronomy

SpaceX crew capsule test suffers 'anomaly'

4-21-2019 | 10

An engine test of the Crew Dragon capsule resulted in plumes of smoke rising from Cape Canaveral yesterday.

The UFO Phenomenon

Mystery surrounds black 'smoke vortex' UFOs

 VIDEO  7-14-2017 | 11

A peculiar aerial phenomenon has been sighted in countries all across the world in recent years.

Natural World

Birds of prey are deliberately starting fires

2-10-2016 | 22

Falcons and kites in Australia have been starting bush fires in an effort to smoke out small animals.

Modern Mysteries

Hikers freak out over burning 'devil tree'

 VIDEO  1-3-2016 | 28

A video showing a tree burning from the inside out while producing very little smoke has appeared online.

Modern Mysteries

Black ring hovers in the sky over Kazakhstan

 VIDEO  4-8-2015 | 38

Locals were left perplexed after the peculiar spectacle appeared above the village of Shorthandy.


Loudest cat purrs as loud as a jet plane

2-22-2011 | 21

A cat called Smokey has raised eyebrows with her deafening purr that can reach 92 decibels.


Smoker loses six teeth after cigarette explodes

2-3-2010 | 21

Here's another good reason not to smoke - a man in Indonesia lost six teeth this week after his cigarette exploded.

Modern Mysteries

Winston Churchill D-Day cigar discovered

11-21-2009 | 3

A 33-year-old student has revealed a cigar that he was given by his grandfather at the age of 12 that would have been sm...

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