Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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Revisited: astronaut saw 'snake' out in space
Category: Extraterrestrial | Posted on 4-4-2021 | 38 comments
Veteran astronaut Franklin Story Musgrave saw what he described as 'the snake' during several space missions.

Snake emerges from toilet, bites man on behind
Category: Bizarre | Posted on 4-3-2021 | 11 comments
An unfortunate man in Malaysia got a rather rude awakening when he got up to use the bathroom recently.

Humans could one day evolve venom glands
Category: Natural World | Posted on 4-1-2021 | 16 comments
Scientists believe that our salivary glands have the potential to evolve the ability to produce deadly venom.

Snake found inside girl's asthma inhaler
Category: Bizarre | Posted on 3-10-2021 | 6 comments
Snake catchers in Australia were recently called to remove a snake from the unlikeliest of places.

Two-headed snake discovered in a Florida home
Category: Natural World | Posted on 10-23-2020 | 1 comment
State wildlife officials have revealed the discovery of a rare snake with two heads at a woman's house.

Record-breaking python caught in Florida
Category: Natural World | Posted on 10-10-2020 | 8 comments
This gargantuan snake is one of many to have been caught by bounty hunters in the Florida Everglades.

Man uses live snake as face mask on UK bus
Category: Bizarre | Posted on 9-18-2020 | 5 comments
Commuters couldn't believe their eyes this week when a man wearing a large snake got onto the bus.

Mystery as lone python suddenly lays eggs
Category: Natural World | Posted on 9-12-2020 | 40 comments
An elderly female snake that hasn't been near a male in 15 years has inexplicably laid a clutch of eggs.

Two giant snakes crash through man's ceiling
Category: Bizarre | Posted on 9-3-2020 | 29 comments
Retiree David Tait, who lives near Brisbane, Australia, played host to two unexpected visitors on Monday.

Cops capture a kangaroo in Fort Lauderdale
Category: Bizarre | Posted on 7-18-2020 | 6 comments
Police officers in Florida recently encountered a feisty marsupial that was very far from home.

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Displaying results 0 - 10 of 192
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