Friday, January 24, 2020
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'Dancing dragon' fossil is velociraptor relative
Category: Palaeontology | Posted on 1-21-2020 | 0 comments
Palaeontologists have compared the feathers of a 120 million-year-old dinosaur to those of modern birds.

Volcanism ruled out in dino extinction debate
Category: Palaeontology | Posted on 1-18-2020 | 2 comments
A new study has suggested that it was an asteroid strike, not volcanism, that ultimately wiped out the dinosaurs.

World's oldest material is older than the Earth
Category: Space & Astronomy | Posted on 1-15-2020 | 2 comments
Scientists have identified the oldest material ever to make it onto our planet - and it even predates the Sun.

Pink mouse and pop-eyed frog were 'made up'
Category: Cryptozoology | Posted on 1-13-2020 | 4 comments
Every now and again, someone manages to sneak a fictitious species into a distinguished scientific journal.

Declassified file sheds light on Soviet-era UFO
Category: The UFO Phenomenon | Posted on 1-11-2020 | 13 comments
A recently declassified CIA intelligence report has helped to shed new light on a 50-year-old UFO mystery.

FOIA request reveals Bradford UFO sightings
Category: The UFO Phenomenon | Posted on 1-10-2020 | 11 comments
Police in Bradford, England have released details of three incidents involving sightings of UFOs over the city.

Assyrians blamed demon 'Bennu' for epilepsy
Category: Ancient Mysteries | Posted on 1-5-2020 | 25 comments
A clay tablet has been found to depict a demon that the ancient Assyrians believed was responsible for seizures.

2bn-year-old 'time capsule' could contain life
Category: Science & Technology | Posted on 12-29-2019 | 1 comment
Scientists have discovered what looks like bacteria in water retrieved from isolated 'pockets' in South Africa.

Bone in sock mystery set to remain unexplained
Category: Modern Mysteries | Posted on 12-28-2019 | 16 comments
An extensive investigation has failed to solve the mystery of how a human bone ended up in a clothes shop sock.

MI6 building blueprints 'lost' in major blunder
Category: Modern Mysteries | Posted on 12-27-2019 | 12 comments
Plans detailing the layout and security of the building recently vanished into thin air during renovation work.

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Displaying results 0 - 10 of 968
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