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Science & Technology

Could our reality be a computer simulation ?

 VIDEO  6-2-2016 | 29

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk maintains that it is actually very likely that we live inside a simulation.


Are there trillions of alien civilizations ?

5-22-2016 | 75

A new study has suggested that the universe is likely to be teeming with extraterrestrial life forms.

Science & Technology

Is the entire universe just a simulation ?

 VIDEO  4-14-2016 | 158

Is what we see and feel around us actually real or do we exist within some sort of computer simulation ?

Space & Astronomy

Time could run backwards in parallel universe

 VIDEO  1-24-2016 | 38

Scientists have put forward a new model in support of the idea that time can run in both directions.

Space & Astronomy

Glow in space could be from another universe

10-30-2015 | 17

Scientists have observed a glow in space that could have come from another universe colliding with ours.


Majority of the public believes in alien life

9-24-2015 | 73

A new international poll has revealed that most people believe that there is alien life in the universe.

Space & Astronomy

Our universe is 'sliding in to old age'

8-11-2015 | 15

Scientists have highlighted the fact that the stars in the sky are slowly but surely fading away.

Science & Technology

Are we all living in a fake universe ?

 VIDEO  8-5-2015 | 42

Could our entire existence and everything we perceive of the world be inside a computer simulation ?

Space & Astronomy

Universe may be full of hidden black holes

7-8-2015 | 2

Astronomers have found evidence to suggest that the universe may actually be teeming with black holes.

Space & Astronomy

Will the universe rip itself to pieces ?

7-4-2015 | 9

An event known as 'the Big Rip' could ultimately see the cosmos being torn apart in the distant future.

Space & Astronomy

Life could thrive in alternative universes

6-29-2015 | 19

Some universes might provide conditions more favorable to the development of life than our own.

Space & Astronomy

Water likely to be common on other planets

5-8-2015 | 7

Water-rich asteroids are thought to have brought water to countless other worlds throughout the universe.

Space & Astronomy

Does the universe only have two dimensions?

4-29-2015 | 26

New mathematical models lend credence to the idea that we live in a universe that is essentially flat.

Space & Astronomy

Unexplained hole in the universe discovered

4-21-2015 | 46

Scientists have identified a huge void in space that measures over 1.8 billion light years across.

Space & Astronomy

Is the universe on the brink of collapse ?

3-27-2015 | 21

Some scientists believe that the cosmos will eventually collapse in on itself in a 'Big Crunch' event.

Science & Technology

Hadron Collider could find parallel universes

3-23-2015 | 46

Cern's atom smasher is about to resume operations in an attempt to detect miniature black holes.

Space & Astronomy

New theory predicts universe existed forever

2-11-2015 | 120

Scientists have put forward a new theory suggesting that the universe may have never had a beginning.

Space & Astronomy

Scientists 'play God' by creating a universe

1-1-2015 | 18

Two of the world's most powerful supercomputers have been used to build a simulation of the cosmos.


Real-life Hogwarts opens its doors in Poland

12-22-2014 | 16

The Czocha College of Witchcraft and Wizardry has been heavily inspired by the Harry Potter universe.

Science & Technology

Time may runs backwards in a mirror universe

12-12-2014 | 63

Scientists have proposed that there is a universe parallel to our own in which time runs in reverse.

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