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Science & Technology

Study: rabies could mutate into 'zombie' virus

3-8-2021 | 17

The rabies virus has the potential to turn people into zombies like something out of 'The Walking Dead.'


Pentagon has a zombie outbreak defense plan

9-21-2020 | 21

It turns out that there is a genuine plan in place to defend the United States in the event of a zombie apocalypse.

Ancient Mysteries

Plague victim burials hint at 'zombie' fears

9-7-2020 | 2

New research suggests that some victims of the plague were buried face down to stop them rising from the dead.


Video shows 'zombie' meat crawling off plate

 VIDEO  7-25-2019 | 31

Bizarre footage has emerged showing a piece of meat crawling off a restaurant plate and on to the floor.

Natural World

'Zombie' snake lies on its back and plays dead

 VIDEO  6-12-2019 | 15

Officials in North Carolina recently posted a notice on Facebook about one snake's rather unusual behavior.

Science & Technology

Anti-aging drug can clear out 'zombie' cells

1-10-2019 | 6

Promising trials in mice have opened up the possibility of improving health and extending life in humans.

Science & Technology

'Zombie' bacteria found deep beneath the Earth

12-11-2018 | 22

Scientists have revealed that an incredibly large amount of life exists in our planet's deep subsurface.

Natural World

Parasitic wasp turns spiders in to zombies

11-29-2018 | 4

Scientists have discovered a horrifying new species of wasp in the depths of the Ecuadorian Amazon.


Florida city sends out zombie alert message

5-23-2018 | 25

Lake Worth residents were shocked to receive an alert warning them about zombies earlier this week.

Science & Technology

What would you do in a zombie apocalypse ?

9-17-2017 | 70

A new poll in the UK has revealed that some people may already be preparing for such an eventuality.

Natural World

'Zombie virus' causes caterpillars to explode

8-4-2017 | 15

A peculiar virus has been causing caterpillars in the UK to incinerate themselves in bright sunlight.

Ancient Mysteries

Medieval villagers feared the walking dead

4-3-2017 | 10

The residents of Wharram Percy once burnt the bodies of the deceased to stop them turning in to zombies.

Science & Technology

Scientists turn mice in to zombie killers

1-13-2017 | 12

The mind-controlled rodents could be commanded to hunt down and kill a target using simple light flashes.

Science & Technology

Zombies could wipe out humanity in 100 days

1-6-2017 | 26

A new study has suggested that it would not take long for a zombie apocalypse to wipe out mankind.

Science & Technology

Zombies could take over within just 60 days

 VIDEO  11-1-2016 | 17

A new computer model has calculated how long it would take for a real-life zombie virus to spread.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Rare illness makes people think they are dead

5-31-2016 | 9

A rare condition called Walking Corpse Syndrome leaves sufferers feeling as though they are zombies.


Amazon software adds zombie invasion clause

2-11-2016 | 5

The Internet giant has added a rather unusual clause to the small print of one its latest products.


October is 'zombie preparedness month'

10-11-2015 | 13

Kansas governor Sam Brownback signed the peculiar proclamation as a fun way to tackle natural disasters.

Ancient Mysteries

Ancient Greeks took steps to deter zombies

6-24-2015 | 11

The concept of the dead rising from their graves is certainly not unique to today's movies and TV shows.

Science & Technology

Researchers develop zombie escape plan

2-28-2015 | 27

A team from Cornell University has recommended running for the hills in the event of a zombie apocalypse.

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