Tuesday, March 21, 2023
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Modern Mysteries

Two children survive for a month alone in the Amazon rainforest

3-30-2022 | 9

Two young brothers recently went missing in the dense rainforest and were miraculously found alive 27 days later.


Dino-killing asteroid also created the Amazon

4-5-2021 | 8

A new study has shown that the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs also gave birth to the Amazon rainforest.

Nature & Environment

Amazon rainforest could turn into grasslands

10-5-2020 | 6

Scientists have warned that the Amazon is at a crucial tipping point that could see it turn into savannah.

Nature & Environment

Bizarre spider looks like it has a dog's head

 VIDEO  11-7-2018 | 15

Found in the Amazon rainforest, this incredible arachnid looks like a strange cross between a dog and a spider.

Nature & Environment

Explorer finds giant earthworm in rainforest

 VIDEO  6-6-2016 | 14

Entomologist and TV host Phil Torres encountered the 4ft invertebrate during a tropical rainstorm.

Nature & Environment

Enormous 17ft anaconda filmed in the Amazon

 VIDEO  3-18-2016 | 18

A BBC film crew has captured footage of a gigantic green anaconda in the Amazon rainforest in Ecuador.

Nature & Environment

New species of tapir discovered

12-19-2013 | 9

Scientists have identified a new species of endangered dwarf tapir living in the Amazon rainforest.

Nature & Environment

Amazon rainforest home to 441 new species

10-24-2013 | 10

Expeditions over the last four years have uncovered a treasure trove of previously undiscovered species.

Nature & Environment

'Hidden' fires burning in Amazon rainforest

6-14-2013 | 14

Wildfires beneath the jungle canopy are proving more destructive than human deforestation.

Nature & Environment

15 new bird species found in the Amazon

6-7-2013 | 8

The Amazon rainforest has yielded a treasure trove of 15 species of previously undiscovered birds.

Nature & Environment

Amazon rainforest could be drying out

12-26-2012 | 4

New fears have been raised over the rainforest's capacity to adapt to upcoming changes in the climate.

Nature & Environment

Spider builds its own fake decoys

12-19-2012 | 26

A fascinating species of spider in the Amazon rainforest is able to construct and animate its own decoys.

Archaeology & History

"Real El Dorado" uncovered in the Amazon

1-8-2010 | 7

The remains of a long lost civilization have been uncovered by deforestation in the Amazon rainforest.

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