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Saturday, December 4, 2021
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Space & Astronomy

Rover captures video from asteroid's surface

 VIDEO  9-28-2018 | 9

Japan's space agency has revealed the first ever video footage recorded from the surface of a moving asteroid.

Space & Astronomy

Japan makes history as rovers land on asteroid

9-22-2018 | 17

Japan's space agency JAXA has succeeded in landing two tiny hopping robots on the asteroid Ryugu.

Space & Astronomy

Pyramid-sized asteroid poses no risk to Earth

8-25-2018 | 4

Despite being labelled by NASA as 'potentially hazardous', asteroid 2016 NF23 does not pose a threat.

Science & Technology

New mineral discovered inside meteorite

8-1-2018 | 8

The new mineral is reportedly harder than diamond and has a never-before-seen molecular structure.

Space & Astronomy

Interstellar visitor may actually be a comet

 VIDEO  6-28-2018 | 12

Originally classed as an asteroid, the object known as 'Oumuamua is now believed to be a comet.

Space & Astronomy

NASA reveals its new asteroid protection plan

6-21-2018 | 12

A new 18-page document outlines how NASA and FEMA will approach the threat of an apocalyptic asteroid strike.


Dinosaur asteroid wiped out most bird species

5-26-2018 | 5

According to a new study, only a few select bird species survived the asteroid strike that wiped out the dinosaurs.

Space & Astronomy

Interstellar interloper found near Jupiter

5-21-2018 | 8

An asteroid believed to be from another solar system has been found orbiting the Sun in the wrong direction.

Space & Astronomy

Mysterious 'exiled' asteroid found in Kuiper Belt

5-11-2018 | 0

An asteroid from the earliest days of the solar system has been found four billion kilometers from Earth.

Space & Astronomy

Asteroids could be converted in to starships

4-29-2018 | 21

Researchers have put forward the idea of hollowing out an asteroid and using it to travel between the stars.

Space & Astronomy

Asteroid mining could be worth trillions

4-22-2018 | 7

According to Goldman Sachs, asteroid mining has the potential to produce the world's first trillionaires.

Space & Astronomy

Large asteroid narrowly misses the Earth

4-17-2018 | 13

An asteroid the size of a warehouse passed our planet at the weekend just hours after it was first spotted.

Space & Astronomy

Could paint save us from a doomsday asteroid?

3-22-2018 | 13

Rather than ramming or nuking a large space rock, scientists have suggested simply covering it in paint.

Space & Astronomy

New study hints at 'Oumuamua's origins

3-19-2018 | 7

Researchers believe that it is very likely that the interstellar asteroid came from a binary star system.

Space & Astronomy

New spacecraft could nuke incoming asteroids

3-11-2018 | 21

NASA is working with US nuclear authorities to develop a spacecraft that can nuke dangerous space rocks.

Space & Astronomy

'Alien visitor' asteroid had a violent past

2-12-2018 | 9

The space rock known as 'Oumuamua is thought to have been tumbling around chaotically for billions of years.

Space & Astronomy

Skull-shaped asteroid to return in 2018

12-21-2017 | 9

The disconcertingly-shaped space rock was last seen hurtling past our planet back in October 2015.

Space & Astronomy

Visiting asteroid has 'strange organic coat'

12-18-2017 | 15

Oumuamua, the first ever confirmed visitor to our solar system, has a thick layer of organic insulation.


Mystery object to be checked for ET signals

12-12-2017 | 69

An asteroid thought to have come from another solar system is to be checked for signs of alien technology.

Space & Astronomy

Interstellar visitor is red and very dark

11-21-2017 | 73

An asteroid thought to have come from interstellar space is carrying organic carbon-based molecules.

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