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Modern Mysteries

First known sighting of ball lightning in England uncovered

1-30-2022 | 5

Researchers have come across a detailed account of a ball lighting sighting that occurred almost 1,000 years ago.

Modern Mysteries

Luminous ball of light filmed in Siberia

 VIDEO  8-4-2016 | 32

A witness has captured footage of what is thought to be a rare case of ball lightning on his smartphone.

The UFO Phenomenon

Ball lightning 'UFO' filmed over Canberra

 VIDEO  1-6-2016 | 37

A strange light filmed over the Australian capital is thought to have been a rare case of ball lightning.

Science & Technology

Scientists capture ball lightning on film

 VIDEO  1-20-2014 | 19

Chinese researchers have managed to observe and film natural ball lightning for the first time.

The UFO Phenomenon

Mystery of the green fireballs solved ?

12-2-2010 | 4

A series of green fireball sightings in Australia 4 years ago could have been a case of ball lightning.

Science & Technology

Ball lightning is all in the mind, say physicists

5-20-2010 | 21

Austrian physicists have claimed that ball lightning doesn't actually exist and that it is simply a trick of the mind.

Science & Technology

Weaponizing ball lightning

2-25-2009 | 37

Ball lightning is a phenomenon that still isn't fully understood, however some scientists have already started looking i...

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