Thursday, August 18, 2022
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Modern Mysteries

What are the origins of April Fools' Day ?

 VIDEO  4-1-2020 | 4

We celebrate it each year by pulling pranks on one another, but nobody is quite sure how it all started.

The UFO Phenomenon

Driver films 'rotating disc' while stuck in traffic

 VIDEO  11-8-2019 | 16

Footage of a strange spinning object has emerged online and nobody seems to be able to tell what it is.

Science & Technology

Is this what we will look like in 20 years' time ?

 VIDEO  10-30-2019 | 25

Researchers have created a life-sized model of what the typical office worker of the future might look like.

Space & Astronomy

Secretive X-37B lands after 780 days in space

10-28-2019 | 4

The US military's notoriously secretive miniature space shuttle is back and nobody knows what it has been up to.


Weird creature filmed by fishermen in Thailand

 VIDEO  10-9-2019 | 57

This mystery animal was captured on camera next to a fishing boat and nobody seems to know what it is.

Space & Astronomy

Cause of mystery ISS hole is a 'state secret'

9-29-2019 | 8

Russia has finally determined who or what created the hole on the ISS... but nobody else is getting to know.

Science & Technology

'Wearable chair' lets you sit down anywhere

9-22-2019 | 19

Known as LEX, this bizarre new wearable invention has been described as 'an extension of your body.'

Modern Mysteries

Mystery as 150 beachgoers fall ill in Essex

8-28-2019 | 8

An unexplained malady has befallen beachgoers along the Essex coast and nobody knows what's causing it.

Modern Mysteries

Shopper discovers a dead body in her truck

8-20-2019 | 15

A woman who had been shopping in New York recently returned to her truck to find a dead body in the back.

Space & Astronomy

Mysterious star is 'older than the universe'

8-10-2019 | 20

Known as the 'Methuselah star' due to its extreme age, this nearby stellar body may predate the Big Bang.

Ancient Mysteries

Collapse of Angkor Wat called in to question

6-4-2019 | 8

A growing body of evidence points to a more complex explanation for the abandonment of the historic site.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery surrounds disappearing Scottish loch

5-5-2019 | 8

A picturesque loch in the Scottish Highlands has been gradually disappearing and nobody is quite sure why.


99-year-old woman had reverse internal organs

4-9-2019 | 4

Scientists have discovered what is thought to be the oldest known person with this rare congenital condition.

Science & Technology

The human body may have a magnetic sense

 VIDEO  3-18-2019 | 4

Scientists now believe that humans, like birds, may be able to sense the Earth's magnetic field.

Space & Astronomy

Mysterious signals are coming from deep space

1-10-2019 | 63

Astronomers have picked up a very unusual repeating signal from a distant galaxy and nobody knows what it is.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery seismic event leaves scientists baffled

11-29-2018 | 18

A mysterious 'earthquake' rippled around the entire world earlier this month and yet nobody felt a thing.

Natural World

'Muppet of the sea' can inflate its own body

 VIDEO  9-24-2018 | 3

A deep sea remote-operated vehicle recently captured footage of a unique species of eel with a very big mouth.

Science & Technology

Young blood could keep older people healthy

9-9-2018 | 20

There is a growing body of evidence to suggest that young blood can help to treat age-related diseases.

The UFO Phenomenon

UFO reports have been in decline since 2014

8-20-2018 | 138

The number of people reporting sightings of UFOs has been in sharp decline and nobody is quite sure why.

Space & Astronomy

Lake of liquid water discovered on Mars

 VIDEO  7-25-2018 | 10

Scientists believe that they have identified a body of water situated beneath the planet's south polar ice cap.

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