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Science & Technology

AI shut down after it invents its own language

 VIDEO  8-1-2017 | 67

Facebook was forced to shut down one of its artificial intelligence experiments due to an unforeseen issue.

Ancient Mysteries

Australia find 'rewrites the history books'

7-20-2017 | 8

Archaeologists now believe that Australia was colonized 18,000 years earlier than previously thought.

The UFO Phenomenon

UFO drama 'Blue Book' inspired by real events

5-29-2017 | 13

'Back to the Future' director Robert Zemeckis will be producing a new TV series about Project Blue Book.

The UFO Phenomenon

California is home to the most UFO sightings

5-1-2017 | 12

More UFOs have been reported over California than any other US state, claims a new book on UFO encounters.


'Winged creature' photograph has gone viral

1-5-2017 | 138

An image of what has been described as a 'winged demon' has been uploaded by a user on Facebook.

Science & Technology

Isaac Newton science book sells for $3.7M

12-21-2016 | 5

The 300-year-old publication has become the most expensive printed science book ever sold at auction.

Ancient Mysteries

25 unpublished Dead Sea Scrolls unveiled

10-10-2016 | 22

A selection of never-before-seen Dead Sea Scroll fragments have been published in two new books.

Science & Technology

Facebook CEO aims to rid world of all disease

9-23-2016 | 23

Mark Zuckerberg and his wife have pledged $3 billion towards the ultimate goal of 'ending all illness'.


Facebook CEO insists that he is not a lizard

6-15-2016 | 53

The social media giant's co-founder Mark Zuckerberg made the bizarre comment during a recent Q&A session.

Science & Technology

Elon Musk teases work on an 'Iron Man' suit

6-10-2016 | 4

He might not be Tony Stark, but the SpaceX CEO is not entirely dissimilar to the comic book billionaire

Ghosts & Hauntings

Amityville Horror house has gone up for sale

6-9-2016 | 44

The infamous house which inspired the Amityville Horror book and movies is selling for $850,000 USD.

Modern Mysteries

Did Count Dracula originally come from Devon?

2-5-2016 | 13

A new book alleges that the world famous vampire might not have come from Transylvania after all.

Science & Technology

Four new elements added to periodic table

 VIDEO  1-4-2016 | 9

Science textbooks across the world have become outdated thanks to the addition of four new elements.


Was the Loch Ness Monster a PR stunt ?

11-1-2015 | 33

A new book claims that the legendary lake monster was an invention designed to boost Scottish tourism.

Ancient Mysteries

Oldest draft of King James Bible discovered

10-18-2015 | 12

A 17th century English translation of the book has turned up more than 400 years after it was written.

Science & Technology

New book sends kids to sleep within minutes

8-17-2015 | 21

A remarkable new best-selling book is capable of sending a child off to sleep almost like clockwork.

Science & Technology

'Drinkable book' developed by scientists

 VIDEO  8-16-2015 | 6

The pages of a special new book are capable of filtering contaminated water to make it drinkable.

Science & Technology

Could Facebook one day utilize telepathy ?

7-6-2015 | 15

Mark Zuckerberg recently outlined what might be in store for the social media platform in the future.

The UFO Phenomenon

CIA spy plane behind decades of UFO reports

12-31-2014 | 206

The CIA has revealed that its secret spy plane program was responsible for countless UFO sightings.

Space & Astronomy

Writer sends a lamb chop in to space

 VIDEO  11-27-2014 | 5

A lamb chop on a fork was sent in to suborbital space as part of a bizarre new book promotion exercise.

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